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  1. Bingo. That's What I was thinking too. It sounds like something haters would do. Seriously, if the haters spent as much effort on trying to help people who are struggling in pain, or to create working methods that help people in pain, then the world would be a much happier, healthier place. If you don't like someone's methods then go create a working method that can replace it! seriously, get a life! And stop trying to destroy Teal because that is profoundly cruel and unloving and you would feel awful if someone treated you the way you treat her.
  2. We just need to start centers in various places. Period. I am hoping to be part of one and help create it. Then people feeling suicidal or just having emotional distress in general can come in. There would be psychologists who are familiar with your work and maybe trained in CP plus CP practitioners, energy workers/healers, etc. I am desperate to create this...
  3. I wrote this a while back during a thankfulness exercise of things I feel genuine positive for. You were on that list. The movement is so much bigger than just you but you symbolize it to me. But the movement IS bigger than just you, Teal Love, It will go on because it is our hunger and desire. So that's my voting to take some pressure off you ?
  4. Hi Teal and Blake and Gabi and Lynn and Winter and everyone on the Team, I just want to share that you each are part of my reason for recommitting to Life over and over again. On days I am ready to exit I think about what hope remains in the world. Something worth fighting for, something worth living for. I remember the movement that you helped facilitate, by helping me find other people who have dreams like mine. Dreams of creating authentic connection. On days I am crawling I remind myself there is a "Teal Swan" warrior in the world. And it gives me strength, reminds me of my own courage,
  5. universoul

    Pittwater Bay

    It's nice to see you happy.
  6. universoul

    New York City

    But 3D is made of energy, of us, of source. I feel like having a body that decays so fast is hindering expansion in some ways. If we lived longer we could learn more. So it comes down to diet, stress, emotions, traumas, and inherited trauma via DNA that age us. Aka, trauma creates split in consciousness and after hundreds of fractures the available energy current that feeds into the 3D as form lessens and so body becomes frail. With less energy eventually the soul stream is forced to exit to recollect or chooses to because its form is no longer useful. I feel like we COULD live a couple hundre
  7. universoul

    New York City

    So why do we choose to age?
  8. universoul

    Parallel Realities

    What are you and your mom struggling to accomodate about each other's realities? This topic is disheartening. I lost a 7 year friendship this month and it is breaking my heart. The inability to see each other's perceptions as valid and embrace each other (rather then cutting someone out of your life) has crushed me into despair. I am picking up the pieces, not sure where to go from here.
  9. universoul

    New York City

    Do you have any insights into why you are a match to this disorder? I have been thinking lately about why we have to age and die. Why can't we live as long as we desire and simply withdraw from the incarnation whenever we choose?
  10. universoul

    Christmas Spirit

    Yes, the birth went very smoothly. And both her boys are "intact". No more circumcision please! Let's do away with such barbaric practices.
  11. universoul

    Christmas Spirit

    My nephew decided to be born on Christmas Eve. He was a free-birth, home-birth, under a Christmas tree! Healthy baby at around 7-8 pounds. My sister is very happy that she didn't have to deal with hospital staff in-vasiveness like she did on her previous two births...
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