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  1. KathrynPowers

    I'm looking for housemates in South Florida. I'm not sure if a beautiful ocean counts to you as "nature," to you. Actually, we also have some swamp lands closer to Miami, lol. We an appreciation of art history and nutrition, I'm an art teacher and currently studying Functional Medicine amongst other things. Anyway, I'm trying to get housemates together for end of July beginning of August, but it might be a tall order. I friend requested you on Facebook. I should put my link for that too..... Let me know if you might be interested
  2. KathrynPowers

    Well, from what I understand conscious communities are a group of friends, who treat each other more like family, that help encourage each other in spiritual ideals. It seems Shadow work is recommend by Teal for helping new members more deeply appreciate each other. @Guest JWB if you check out the "Tips and Tricks" link I think that also helps describe a bit more. Please feel free to message me or if you have any more questions and want to post them there, I'd be more than happy to respond. Personally, my spirituality has me interested in things like energy healing, art making, organic eating, and I like Meditation. JustBeYourself82 is on a level that sounds more similar to what Teal describes. For me if I meditate regularly the dream or theater nature of reality becomes more apparent, but besides that my perceptions are more "normal." I wish you were in this area JustBeYourself82. I'm going to try and see if I can go to the Teal tribe meeting to talk more about starting a community here in South Florida. It would be cool if there was a Community members wanted board somewhere on this website, lol.
  3. I'd like to start a Conscious Community household here on the coast of South Florida. More specifically the Hallandale/Hollywood area East of 95, which is about 35 min north of Miami if the traffic is flowing. Personally, I'm an art teacher/artist who really enjoys meditation, yoga, and clean eating and living. Ideally, I'd like roommates interested in similar activities--but if you appreciate Teal we probably have a lot in common. I currently eat organic and like to prepare meals at home, I'm interested in going Vegan but not there yet. If we could get enough stable housemates I'd love to grow an organic garden in the back yard! Technical Details: I don't have a house or home now, but have seen lots of cute ones available online. I'm looking to pay $1,000 or less in rent a month and would need housemates willing to pay around that. If you are interested in moving to this area or are in this area and interested in moving into a community living situation, please get in touch with me. I'm open to a house of 2-7 housemates. Due to lease issues I can move at the end of this July or probably 6 months later. I do have a cat, dog, and bird--the bird is a bit of a brat sometimes but the other two are docile. If you are interested in meeting up to practice some of Teal's techniques or to learn more about a potential community in the area please get in touch. My email is k.lpowers@hotmail.com Here is a link of a 4 bedroom 3 bath house for under $2800 a month. --http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1501-S-16th-Ave_Hollywood_FL_33020_M65095-80177#photo22
  4. KathrynPowers

    How exciting about your wedding! I'm sure it will be beautiful and amazing. I hope you will show us some photos or video of the wonderful event. This website is amazing and I have already started using some of the tools. I'm going to start working with one of your therapists on The Completion Process this weekend! I'm excited, I enjoy the rawness of Shadow work very much. I think She-ra: Princess of Power was and probably is still my favorite children's show. I do feel like I was originally brain washed, like Adora, to be part of "The Horde." Thankfully, meditation, close friendships, and a deep desire for a world motivated more by justice, harmony, love and respect for nature seem to have converted me into a rebel leader much like the princess. My life does sometimes feel sprinkled with a wonderful magic that gives "The Horde" less and less power over me as I still find the most pleasure in fighting it. You are an amazing Rebel queen Teal. Thanks so much for your beautiful paintings, informational videos--everything, it is all very inspiring.
  5. KathrynPowers

    I live very close to Hollywood beach! Lleo you have a very nice profile set up. I need to work on that soon... The weather hasn't been so great for the beach recently, but if it clears up soon we should meet up.