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  1. Daphne Dutch

    Dear Teal, That sounds like it was a very hard journey for you. I am sorry to hear you go through all that pain. Ayahuasca is so intense, my experience with it was not pleasent neither, but it rids you of what needs to go. It is a true gift. Take time for yourself to just be you <3
  2. Daphne Dutch

    I am sorry to hear your life feels this way, sending you love and light <3 <3 <3 Maybe find a coach who already has lived what you are experiencing right now, to turn to for guidance. I truly hope this does not grow any bigger, you can help so many people of given the chance to. Als towards your question, what is currently holding me back is my fear of criticism. Haters. Also fear of failing and ending up broke and dependent of all around me.
  3. Daphne Dutch

    I loved the event so much and enjoyed reading this blog as I used to live in Amsterdam I now live near The Hague, totally different vibe though. Have fun in the UK <3