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    If I was a... WhiteTiger(animal), Black 67 Chevy Impala(car), Lollipop(candy), Rose Quartz(Gemstone), Sakura Tree(plant),Twilight(timeofday), Cherry (fruit),NappaCabbage(Vegetable), Ability to walk through walls (Superpower) If I was an Insect I would be a Grasshopper ?????
  2. Kiki_97

    For those who are curious, I have confronted my dad. I texted him the night before and we planned to talk the next day. All morning I had anxiety. The idea of not going and just staying home did cross my mind a few times. It was a very interesting experience in some ways. For example all the animals and bugs that ran or flew around us(little birds, a rabbit, bees, ants, humans) as we sat and talked in the front of my grandpa's house. One of the neighbors, during the middle of our conversation, called out at there child "Get into the house before I beat your ass." I felt really interrupted but also on the opposite side of their shadows (if that makes sense) then I continued. At some points of our talk there was silences and we just stared at what was happening around us and sometimes I had to cut into the "flow" or direction of the conversation and redirect it so I could express my thoughts. I even tripped over my words once and it felt like I was babbling. Somehow the conversation had moved to him offering me a car that he's currently fixing so we walked over to it. I was walking behind him and all I could think about was how small he looked to me. I mean I am 1 or 2 inches taller but the feeling might have been similar to being with a child. I wanted to hug him. And I did. Tears and snot ran down my face and my core was full of pain. As we separated my head is trying to turn away from him so I force my focus forward into his eyes into the resistance I had of looking directly at him. When it seemed that we were at the close we went inside and I said hi to my grampa. I looked at both of them and saw myself at the end of this line of people, the similarities and differences in our faces and hair, our blood connection, our intention to be here in this reality and be connected this way. I felt softened. I heard my dad laugh at something my grampa was saying and my first thought was "I love his laugh" which is very different from my usual thoughts that go something like "I fucking hate him". Coming home now I feel almost as though there is more of me. I can't completely explain the feeling I have now, I guess it's something you just have to experience in person. I wouldn't tell everyone to confront their parents but I would say if you feel inspired to do it then it's time. SideNote: I was actually carrying 2 tiger's eye, 2 carnelian, and a piece of calcite with me during the confrontation. I hope you found something of value from this that helps you in whatever way. Thanks for reading if you read. Thanks for commenting if you commented. Thanks for the love if you love. 3:33AM
  3. Kiki_97

    I'm definitely not expecting myself to feel good when I confront him or when things get defensive.
  4. Kiki_97

    What damage? Why is being a perpetrator so bad? I'm not considering this just so I can be in the right or the "good" person. I'm not going the counselor route because it's not going to give me the resolution I want.
  5. Let's Confront Our Parents Recently I've been seriously considering confronting my dad about how abusive he was to me emotionally and physically. We have zero resolution and for a long time I've been putting as much distance between us as possible. I was watching Teals Online Relationship Workshop and got inspired to do this when Blake spoke about not being in a relationship for a long time and after confronting his mother got into a relationship like days later and I thought that maybe these unresolved issues are what I've been resisting and what's been keeping me from having the relationships I've been wanting. I want to know if you've confronted your parent(s) and how did you go about it? Did you notice significant changes in your life after doing this? Are you considering confronting your parents? Ask me questions if you want.
  6. Kiki_97

    The Universe How is the Universe on your side?
  7. Kiki_97

    I understand what your feeling. It's kinda like "does anyone see I'm in pain?" I know the void you're talking about and it feels like crap to have it. What I've found is if you can't go anywhere externally then it's time to go into the void. Give it the love and understanding you're desperately wanting from other people by being completely and unconditionally present with it. Keep in mind you can't have the attitude of I have to fix/change this and be self loving.Going into the void isn't always easy and won't always feel good. Use Teal's Completion Process. And you know what maybe for you it's not worth enduring a life like that but I think you can make your life look how you want it to. Not everyone is brave enough to ask for help or say how they actually feel but you did and that says alot.
  8. Kiki_97

    I think you should go into your fear of being broke like completely broke "Why is being broke so bad? What does this mean to me or about me?" Find your core beliefs regarding money. "If I don't save my money why is that so bad?" "Why is instant gratification so bad?" ☺???
  9. Manifesting romantic relationships? What do you do when you can't seem to manifest a romantic relationship? ????
  10. Kiki_97

    Pores Does anyone else have an issue with the pores on your face being obnoxiouslylarge? Or come up with a emotional/spiritual reason? I've had enlarged pores for years and can only seem to manage.