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    tis b*tches aint sh*t when they talk about u ,see you soon teal my premium content expired again lol <3 god bless your work and legacy <3 love you
  2. i dont want to be selectively identificated i want to be whole <3
  3. celticviking

    More Than One

    everytime i listen later of a time the same video i have a diferent reaction i love multiplicity thanks teal <3
  4. celticviking


    <3 this is the right volumen i can heard <3 integration is painful af but is worth it.
  5. celticviking

    The Healthy Way

    the lasts videos are very low volumen i cant use headphones u.u im missing a lot of what teal say!
  6. celticviking


    Yes is The Same Mattis you mean ? is for me the Video totaly (its Mattis writting )
  7. this is like the dance scene on peanuts <3 love it
  8. celticviking

    Weirdest Gift

    the volumen is very good in the lastest videos <3 thank you very much teal eye
  9. celticviking

    Horse Riding Magic

    i love your daily videos teal! <3
  10. celticviking

    Amsterdam 2016

    im watching all the workshops again 2018! <3
  11. celticviking

    Shadow Work

    teal cooking so cute! <3
  12. celticviking


    if i were there i were laughing my ass off hahaha even with a device on <3 i love dark/black comedy is the best medicine sis!
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