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  1. Day 225 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?'

    The songs of the past play in my dreams like warning signs for waking life. I'm committed to my relationship yet find myself in situations where I'm close to another man crossing the lines of body space and not setting boundaries. Then I switch to watching my guy do the same thing. A woman wants him and he's just taking things moment by moment maintaining his silence. The feeling of the events are so real I wake somber with a message to affirm my morals in this partnership. Deeper yet, the dream reveals I'm pushing him away due to fear of intimacy falling out from under me. I'm playing him down and shrugging our feelings off just the same as I did when we dated all those years ago. It's a gentle reminder telling me not to take the path of sabotage like I did as a teenager. WWSWLTD? This is a self trust issue. Do The Work or have a talk with the fractured aspect of yourself in fear.