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  1. Day 168 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do? 

    I had my consultation with Dr. Morse's clinic. I am so grateful that she understood how much anxiety I have over starting the powerful herbal formulas. In the past my adrenals have crashed every time I've attempted to cleanse. She sees all the weakness in my body by looking at my Iris reading. Nothing is missed and that is also highly comforting. It's like visual back up for all the ailments I'm telling her. I could be silent and she could make a protocol based on my eye reading and bowel movements alone. I'll be taking two glandulars to support my pineal gland and adrenals while I cleanse and rebuild my strength. Apparently my brain and bowels are saturated with sulfur from the countless antibiotics I have taken amplifying my symptoms. It's almost over. This is the beginning of the end of my suffering for health. The big guns of healing are priming and as soon as those herbs come in the mail, it will be time to conquer my fears of side effects one dropperful at a time.