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  1. Day 107 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?'

    It was my first day stalking my thoughts like a ninja. I didn't even have to be a stalker. I was in a metaphorical office chair in the middle of an empty room in my mind with a buzzer. That wasn't nice. How did that make you feel? How can we rephrase that? Thought ninja! Thought ninja over and over again became my new phrase, because at some points negativity was so fast I was onto the next before I'd corrected the prior. What a lesson! I'm really glad I am seeing this. I know it's going to take a lot of work, but I think it's one of the most worthy tasks of this lifetime. Teal mentions in her energy vampire video that another person isn't taking your energy their influence is slowing down your connection to source and that's what leads you to feel drained afterward. It makes a lot of sense that I have slowed my connection through my own thinking making me a match to a virus that leaves me so tired. On another note, the sun was shining, it was unusually warm, I got a lovely gift in the mail and had a bit more spunk than normal. I felt so so deeply validated watching the video When The Only Way to Be OK is to Not Be OK.  If I didn't know better I'd say she made that video just for me. I watched it twice. It is now motivating when I understand the ways in which I have been conditioned; and through awareness I'm attempting to write a new story, when before I just felt powerless. 


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