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  1. rawmelody

    I appreciate different perspectives on the tragedy, thank you for sharing Marcel. It is all helpful with closure that we can discuss and share, and I am sure Teal will address it also when the timing is right for her. It is resonating within me as true, that he is trying to bring awareness to unrecognized mental illness... The way USA views and treats mental illness is another issue that can largely be improved upon. (As an american living in germany, I have both perspectives). The channeling erik video shares some perspectives from Stephen Paddock
  2. rawmelody

    looking for closure on the las vegas tragedy, channeling erik speaks to stephen paddock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPKEliJVfLs
  3. rawmelody

    update: when I started this post I wanted some perspective to understand how I am feeling about the broken crystals. these occured months ago but it is often on the back of my mind like a kind of guilt. examining them again to post a pic for you guys, I observe the following: I find the lemurian seed very beautiful in spite the missing top, and it doesn't feel painful. The new piece of eslestial is very high vibratory, beautiful little piece that has a life all it's own... I still feel a bit guilty... like I hurt the lemurian
  4. rawmelody

    Broken Crystals I have unfortunately broken two crystal friends of mine. I am trying to understand it and process it. One is a small lemurian seed crystal, that I loved and often carried with me. It flew out of my hand one morning and cracked on the tile. Now it is sharp where it broke off and I don't like to carry it incase I will cut myself and damage it further. It feels hurt when I sense to it... The other is a beloved elestial. The piece that broke off is easy to put back together, but I wouldn't dare glue it. Both pieces are razor sharp at the break. I could perform a kind of surgery on skin if I needed to, I feel a little sad/shame that I dropped it and broke it. Not sure what the best thing to do here is, and appreciate any thoughts on the subject
  5. rawmelody

    Oh wow! I haven't logged into this site in awhile and I am so thrilled to see 2 people from Fürth are on here! Let's definitely meetup :-) I didn't know about the Teal Germany facebook group, I will look for that as well.
  6. rawmelody

    Than you Alex, it was more CG than animation I guess, but in the anime style.... the giant dragon/bird was orange... any recommendations on good CG anime would be much appreciated :-)
  7. rawmelody

    hello! es freue mich zu auch interessieren. ah, i am living in Fürth and need to improve my Deutsche I don't think I can make it to Basel, but looks great. I got to go to the synchronization in Prague last May. My idea would be to host a meetup here in Fürth, but I am open to other ideas to get us Teal Tribers in Germany to connect to eachother. love back! Melissa
  8. Imagery on multidimensional realities Hello Teal Tribe! Can anyone recommend some movies here I can watch, with imagery of highly evolved societies/communities... I saw an anime movie once,... there was specific scene where the protagonist was riding a giant dragon, and the clothing they were wearing, and the colors used ... triggered an out of body experience for me where I went to one of the daily lessons in Lemuria with Adama... upon seeing the clothing he was wearing, I knew the imagery from the movie I saw inspired me to conciously go there (I suspect I visit there often however and do not remember it) I have no idea what movie this was I saw (my friends had it on in another room I just happened to see a few minutes of...) I would love to fill my vision with beautiful, higher dimensional imagery... if you have any movies like this that come to mind (or any movies that you consider provoking great spiritual thought please share
  9. rawmelody

    Franconian MeetUp Hello everyone! I am living in Furth at the moment, I would really like to organize a meet up. Could you post on this forum if you would be interested to participate? I would like to do a heart meditation, and jump into the topic of self love and share the challenges we all face to realize this. Look forward to hearing form you all!