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  1. Loyda

    Hi freekundli, Welcome! :-D Loyda
  2. Loyda

    Thank you, Damian! I feel the love! :-D Hi Krystine, Yes, that's how I feel. (But I'm not as hot as he is. :-P)
  3. Loyda

    Hi Mariannerrose, Im between Seattle and Tacoma too! Looks like we have a lot in common. :-) I'm thinking about going to the Portland workshop. Are you going for sure? Loyda
  4. Hello all, I'm new to the community and thought I'd join to make connections with like-minded people. I feel a little alone in my journey, not really having anyone to talk to about these things. I've been a huge fan of Teal's for a little over a year now and I love everything she has to share. I live in Western Washington state, near Seattle. I see from the map that there are about 4 of us in the area. I hope to connect to others both online and in person. Right now I'm at a fork in the road in life in terms of my career and am hoping that connecting with others here can help me find the path that will make me happy. Feeling a little alone, Loyda