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    Blake The Explorer

    I love Blake stories! And I love seeing the two of you together! It's because we all wish we had a Blake so were living vicariously through you, Teal.
  2. I completely know what you mean, Teal, by Hawaii being extreme opposites for people, depending on their perspective. I met many while I lived there for 10 years who felt they had island fever, stuck on a rock, saying "but I don't surf." Neither did I but it didn't stop my love for the place. Can't wait to read your next blog on your energetic diagnosis of Hawaii!
  3. We have so many favorite movies in common! I lalalalalove (and own) all but the Dark Crystal. I'm not even sure if I've seen the Dark Crystal. But I'm a huge period piece movie fan, and movies in general too. I love that we have this in common. Hugs!
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