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  1. Everyone in my family is so mean to my cat, constantly saying she's crazy, deranged, retarded.... It makes me feel so sad, and I can't help but take it personally. On a deeper level I know they think these things about me. Oddly enough though, my family loves seeing my cat and being around her. I wish they would be honest with themselves and acknowledge that they love both of us, and that neither I or my cat are crazy. I am highly sensitive and it makes living in this society hell in a lot of ways. I think my family doesn't recognize that I am sensitive, told themselves that sensitivity isn't real, and I think they have disowned their own sensitivity (which is in fact the path that most people take) in order to make it in this society. So all their negativity projected towards their own sensitivity goes on me, and unfortunately, my cat as well. Any thoughts on how to deal with this? Some days I feel like just grabbing my cat and leaving all of them 😥
  2. Tessa Rae

    Yes! Wishing the best for you all, and thanks for the insight! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  3. Tessa Rae

    IODINE! Iodine iodine iodine iodine~ Iodine, vitamin c, selenium, magnesium. The breasts have the greatest concentration of iodine in the body; cancer oftentimes occurs as a result of calcification, or when there is an excess of calcium in the blood. Supplementation with magnesium helps your body know what to do with calcium, it balances it out more, then iodine helps detoxify the blood. However, I gotta be honest, my mom had breast cancer, also really early on, Stage 0, and she didn't listen to me. So she will choose her own way. If you're concerned, find out the exact type of cancer (there is several types), then research how it responds to iodine therapy/ iodine flushing, or better yet look for stories from those who had the same type of cancer and reversed it and how they did it! Eating plant based is always a good idea, eating vegan is not for many people who are already in a low vibrational state (as we must be in order for our bodies to develop disease). Veganism is a high vibrational diet when done right (that means, no GMO foods, eat organic as much as possible, and supplement as necessary), and oftentimes will not resonate with those vibrating at a low frequency. Veganism is likely to do more harm than good for those who are immensely ill. Veganism can be a goal you work towards, something to ease into, but should not be rushed into. Veganism should also not be considered the only vehicle to healing, as there are several, and it all depends on the resonance of her particular physiology. Honestly eating organic and plant based is more helpful than just eschewing animal products altogether (for those who are very sick)... the reason for this is many people are comfortable with the idea of adding stuff in to help than they are with removing the bad things. Even though both are necessary to heal from disease, Veganism can feel like a mile away if where she is currently is eating the standard american diet (S.A.D.). And we all know, when things feel impossible, we just give up usually. If she can realize it would be useful to gravitate towards eating organic, and eating plants, more often, then she can eventually be convinced to stop eating animal products. In the meantime, encourage her to start an iodine protocol such as what this site recommends, if she is open to it: http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/iodine.html The best meats are wild caught fish and grass fed beef, goat, or lamb (dairy from grass fed is the best as well); both of these meats are better because the animals are eating food thats matched to their physiology. Cows can't digest corn, which is what conventionally raised cows are fed. The fact that we do this and so many other careless things to factory farmed animals destroys our own body when we eat them. Organic is a step lower from wild caught/grass fed, but MUCH better than conventional. There are many nutrients in animal products that are completely void in vegan diets unless you blow a fortune on supplements. I was vegan for several years before realizing I was suffering from nutrient malabsorption. If I had realized that eating cruelty-free went beyond veganism I could have saved myself a lot of problems. Hence, why I'm here, passing this info to you! Check out the site, show her you care and want to see the cancer go away using the least invasive methods possible. Again my mom just had it and surgery was rough. That being said, she seems to be excited about a new pair of boobs so who knows, your grandma might be the same. It still bothers me though to see how awful the doctors were to her at times. Ultimately the path is hers, if she is open to reversing it herself there are ways. It can also be useful to hear stories from others who have reversed breast cancer on their own, which there are several floating out on the internet. Stay strong. Stay authentic. ❤️ Peace be yours.
  4. Tessa Rae

    Sending all of you ❤️ 's because I get it! ❤️ Another thought: Perhaps the ideas we are building are not holding because they do not have the proper foundation. Think about it; You need a formula, a format that you can plug into if you want to produce content in a streamlined manner. Right? We all follow Teal so when we start out we suddenly realize, Holy shit, Teal is a fucking genius, how the hell does she create content all the time, oh my lanta I'm such a noob, I feel like a dweeb, I'm ugly (lol one of my ego's personal favs), blah blah blah self hate. I began to notice that even though I was making content, I wasn't releasing it because I was not satisfied with the foundation. My blog format? Hate it. I'm working on it. lol. Youtube? Next to no content, the algorithms pick up on people who create quality content on a weekly or at least semiregular basis. Website? Nonexistent. In the bible there is a parable that the wise man built his house upon the rock. The storm came but his house remained standing strong. The fool built his house on sand, and his house was swept away in a storm. Think of the storm, in this case, as an emotional one. Are you investing enough in yourself, in your ideas? Or are you lowballing it, hoping that the ideas will be enough? Hmmmm? By the way, I ohmly say this because I'm guilty ❤️ Look for people in your life who can get on board with the content your'e creating. Who can get on board with your success. Who can get on board with your ideas. First, learn how to voice your ideas. Then, learn how to SCREAM them! How to animals find their mates? They attract them by calling out (though each animal has its own way of attracting 😉 ) So do not be silent. ATTRACT! ❤️ One day, I had an epiphany. I was afraid of voicing ideas because I was afraid the ideas would stop coming. I had a moment with god where he was like, "Do you see how ridiculous this is? You say you trust, yet you are afraid." And suddenly I understood that I was not trusting the flow of the universe by restricting my ideas. I thought the ideas were finite. They weren't. How does a flower bloom? A lot of tension builds up within the flower, then one day the tension causes the flower to burst open, opening to the world. I built up many ideas, and they have become so ingrained within my being that I realized, it could not stay put if I tried. It's gotten to the point where I'm well on my way. Starting my own business. Soon creating content regularly. Miracles will happen. People will notice. It's out of your hands. Determine what experiences you would like to line up with to be successful, then continue the work of knowing yourself. It will arrive. After a certain point it can be no other way.
  5. I have experienced this. For me, the experience that was vibrationally similar was when I had my first seizure. I used to be prescribed amphetamines and became legally addicted. I knew none of this at the time. I did not know that the medication caused my seizure. I did not know I was addicted. I did not know I was miserable. I was at work, when I felt a headrush coming on. I get headrushes quite often.... The stars washed over my vision, and everything was different. When i came to, my hands were very small, the cash register and everything around me was really big, and my tiny little hands were shaking uncontrollably. This is called 'Alice In Wonderland' syndrome. I managed to get out that I didn't feel ok and proceeded to go to the back, where I paced back and forth. Was I mad? Would I ever be the same again? (luckily, I would not hahaha) I researched until finding out that I had experienced a seizure; abnormal electrical activity in the brain which can cause a sudden unexpected change in consciousness. Next time I did my medication again, it happened again. This time I stupidly powered through. It felt like I was battling the devil himself. I forced my shaky hands to make the ice cream (I worked at Dairy Queen) , and after that I decided to never do amphetamines again. Anyways, I became afraid. Afraid of my own mind. It shook my world up completely. It wasn't long until I couldn't work at my shitty fast food job; something about having that experience there had changed the place for me, forever. Anyways. Oftentimes, when something happens that scares us, our first instinct is to ask what is wrong. But what we must be asking is what is right about it, when these things happen. What would the positive reason be for this happening? Hypothetically... just for kicks? I have not experienced exactly what you have, but I have heard of someone who has experienced what you have experienced. That man is Nikola Tesla. As a child he would have a vivid imagination and was often swept away from this dimension unexpectedly. I would recommend reading his writings to find how he learned to harness the energy inherent in his gift/curse. With time he discovered he could use it to visualize inventions before creating them physically, and this is how he was able to discover much of what he discovered. I myself have asked Tesla to be a guide of mine. ❤️ (he accepted, too! It was rad!) For you especially I would see this being beneficial, if you are open to that sort of thing. Occasionally I will travel out of body. Travelling out of body is difficult because you're sitting in your room one moment, and the next moment you are on a rollercoaster, shooting through space. It's gotten hard to be calm when this is happening, and the fear oftentimes snaps me out of it. Which is too bad because the real meat of it happens when you ride the wave. Anyways, with time I have gotten slightly more adept at remaining in this space despite the difficult feeling.... And with time I know I will be able to travel at will. I think it is necessary to hold space for incredibly difficult feeling to accomplish astral travel, etc. Hope this helps! I would actually say that it's perfectly normal to be afraid, and that it's okay to feel that way. Keep searching and the answer will show. ❤️ Stay beautiful. Stay strong. Peace. ❤️
  6. @HolographicLight I just wanted to say, the fact that you are perceiving this means you are well on your way to being extrasensory. You can hone in on the different patterns and with time you will become adept at seeing the outcomes that Must happen. Keep an open mind and observe. You will see. Having a karmic life path sets you up for awakening in the fast lane. You must become familiar with the collective wounds in order to heal them. It feels familiar, does it not? You have been alive much longer than you remember. Hehehe. ❤️
  7. Tessa Rae

    ALTER EGOs (GENIUS IDEA) I just came up with a genius idea! So, a huge part of shadow work is becoming aware of your various aspects in order to integrate them; We become aware of the polarity within us in order to understand our own resistance and thus find out what is preventing us from reaching our bliss. What if we had the idea to have 'alter ego' profiles on the forums? Like how a person can have multiple profiles on YouTube, but on the forums? So, let's say you have a personality that had a lot of anger that was never allowed to be expressed. But you don't want to channel that aspect of yourself just anywhere, partially because it scares the hell out of you, and partially because this is the internet and you don't want something with your name attached that is angry... (just hypothetically, LOL, this can be with any aspect of yourself). So you could, set up a profile on here with this alter ego as a username (such as fireflame999 just an example) And channel that aspect on here, to the people who could give this aspect some room to breathe. Let's take it a step further and you can switch between multiple personalities / fragmentations etc. etc. So hypothetically a person has a higher self self, an angry self, a sad self, a lonely self, a flirty self, a totally anxious self, etc. etc. All accessible from your forum profile, and you can choose which one to post as depending on how you're feeling. People can choose whether they want alter egos or not, and also whether or not other people can view the usernames of their alter egos. Then let's say you can even have private threads where you can chat to yourself and channel each individual aspect until you get to the heart of your anger/sadness/anxiety OR have an outlet for your flirty/gangsta/alien etc. self as well! Thoughts? SHARE EM!
  8. Tessa Rae

    @Teal TEAL I LOVE YOU NOTICE ME SENPAI ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I hope you have a very PINK year! Thank you for advancing the evolution of consciousness! hehehe *sends some pink energy your way*
  9. Tessa Rae

    Find a way to wiggle humor in there somehow! Even the most messed up circumstances can be funny if you adopt a certain perspective! Life's too short to have everything that happens be the end of the world! Eventually they'll get pissed off at how happy you are and just leave you alone! Lol I'm dead serious. Love yourself! Only you can do it! Only you have the ears to listen to your own heart! ❤️ Self love is the key to unlock your prison. End the patterns! Start new ones! Stay strong, stay true! You are in my thoughts and prayers...
  10. Tessa Rae

    "It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a proundly sick society." -Krishnamurti In our lifetimes, we experience seasons. For the summer, there is the winter; for daytime, there is also nighttime. And so in our lives we go through seasons, some of which are filled with connection, and some which are completely isolated. Only through understanding disconnection can we actually realize (aka actualize) connection. So I would use this time alone as a pivot point for manifestation. Now is the time to ask the big questions as for what you want. What does connection mean for you? What makes you a fucking awesome friend? When you are connecting with someone, what are you doing? What things help you feel seen, heard, and felt? If possible, go into a very deep meditative state and visualize how it feels. Let your heart unfold as if this connection is happening now (as it is) and this will create a very potent point of attraction where you can begin to line up with things that vibe with what you want. When you run into it physically, you WILL be able to recognize it. Then from there, you just need to follow it. Keep listening to your heart. Stay true. You are in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️ P.S. - I love your username!
  11. Awkwardness is a beautiful thing! Why? Awkwardness gets rid of facades. Life isn't always fluid, sometimes its stumbling around erratically and breaking things! hahaha. Awkwardness is real! It's rich! here's the thing; You don't have any guarantees that you're never going to be awkward again; the best approach is to stop hating on yourself for being awkward in the first place. Love your awkwardness. I can't do this for you. You need to find the reasons why it's OK to be where you are; only then can you begin to bridge the gap between awkwardness and this other persona I can tell you've been envisioning who is socially fluid and capable. You need to start where you are. Self love isn't about hammering yourself into being the shape that you want to be until you love yourself, it's learning to love who you are, where you are, no matter what shape you are now. ❤️ I used to be pretty socially awkward. I would never speak up and share my opinion. I was conflict avoidant, people didn't really know who I was at all because the person I was was always hiding. That's why you feel nervous around your friends and strangers at the same time; you have not become centered quite yet and dont' want the difference between your initial self and your authentic self to freak your friends out. Begin to listen to your heart and honor it. Only by honoring it will you be able to eventually discern the fear that is there to protect you from the fear that is limiting you. I gotta be honest. Now, I have no idea how people perceive me socially, and it's because I listen to my heart. Some moment, talking to people will feel good. But the moment the group I'm in stops feeling good, I'll leave, often abruptly if I get really bad vibes from them. I'm like a cat in social situations; you know how cats will run away when they don't want to be petted? Yep, I do that. Or if I don't like the look someone's giving me? I'm out. Lol. I am pretty aloof socially but it works for me. Being aloof has lead me to connect with more people than normally; oftentimes i'm surprised at synchronistic things happening and the most amazing people I've managed to meet by honoring my heart. I imagine it must be the same for others, as well. Be you! Stay true! You are in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️
  12. Tessa Rae

    Oh! This is great! I see you possibly lining up with homelessness for a bit! I know what you're thinking; What the HELL? Why is homelessness a GOOD thing you psycho???? LOL ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN. Being homeless literally FORCES you to connect with people. You are in a vulnerable space, and must rely on other people for your needs. About a year ago, I was there. I found this awesome website called couch surfing.com (or something similar) where you connect with people in your area to crash on their couch! You meet so many awesome people, many who will be surprisingly nicer than your mom ever was (Yes, I mean it, making the conscious effort to stay away from my dad is partially how I became homeless a year ago). So, being homeless is rough, right? Here's the secret a lot of people don't get. EVERYONE thinks being homeless is rough and will empathise/sympathise and many treat you better. I'm not even joking. I, like teal, have survived all kinds of abuse, and the easiest kind to survive was the kind where other people acknowledge that you are suffering! The most painful kinds are the ones where you feel like something is wrong with you for being unhealed (this happens much more often than we think, BTW) I've had people give me money, strangers I never spoke to again. I've had people provide a house for me, and I eventually lined up with a living situation with lifelong, authentic friends, a management job, and all the while showed my heart I cared about what it wanted even when nobody else would. And believe me, nobody respected my decision at the time. But once you've 'been there', you can be like "yeah, i've been there" and you have more life experience and thus, an edge. Because you lose fear along the way. I think at this point living a vagabond life to gear up towards homelessness would be most beneficial to you. Pretend like you're homeless now, couchsurf, go to freecampsites.com, meet people, be open about your insecurities when meeting people, be grateful. Networking is how you will find a place to stay, a job, everything. Tell people you need a job. Tell people you have no idea where to live. Tell them, even though it is scary. I will be praying for you. LMK if you have questions! ❤️ P.S. - AHHH! I just watched your video, guess what? My dad is also a narcissist! Hahaha
  13. I think it needs to be understood what Teal is doing. Her life easily could have been a whisper into the void. Thousands of abuse victims go out this way. I myself almost went out this way. At a certain point we become a statistic, a probability, and fate seems to be from outside sources. We are all victims of society. There gets to be a point where you realize you're dying, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to escape death. At some point, whether it is in this physical lifetime or afterwards,we ask, and dare answer: What is the value of a life? How much can I change the world? How can I know what change I am already creating in the world? How can I know, if I've created change in the world, that I would ever be able to see it? Have I spent my whole life thinking I have created no change, when in truth the reality could be very different? And after a certain point, it becomes more of a game to see how much change you can create with just one life, your own life. What change do you wish to see? What direction do you want to steer the world in? New desires set forth new goals, and the picture begins to evolve as you do. The reality is Teal had no fucking idea she was going to make it big until she was already pretty far in. None of these revolutionaries really realize it, and what defines them is their tenacity despite the unknown. What these people have is a vision. Cultivate yours. Even if it first begins with becoming painfully aware of what you don't want. In due time, your vision will arrive. ❤️
  14. According to the current socially acceptable paradigm, there is no such thing as true originality. The things that happen in our lives are all archetypes, of storylines that have played out in a thousand different ways before and vibrate with a similar emotional frequency. Many of these archetypes are already popular movies or TV shows. However, you can also take on an alternative perspective. This alternative perspective reveals layers to the BIG picture that the media repeatedly fails to portray in its entire. When it comes to the large, vast, long term storylines that we're seeing played out on Earth as a whole, there is much more room of intricacies to take place; details that take a lifetime to accumulate and for that sake could not possibly be fully portrayed in a film or in media. It's not a matter of whether or not you experience it. It is a matter of whether or not you can perceive it. This is the new direction that movies and art forms will take. Many are getting tired of Disney storylines and ancient archetypes. But in order to create something entirely new there needs to be a point in such storylines where the "Way things are" must be questioned in its entire. This can be seen in several utopian/dystopian novels such as 1984, The Giver, etc. The way our reality currently is, is actually much closer to these sort of utopian/dystopian novels, but it's not societally acceptable to perceive our reality this way because it threatens our ability to function and connect in the ways that we used to. It has been said that reality is much stranger than fiction, and this is absolutely the case. The added depth that has been implied in such dystopian novels is that not every person in society is awakened fully to the various levels of reality and thus storylines that are overlapping each other (e.g. we live in different realities). The alternative perspective is this: We can notice how things are the same, and yet we can also notice how the intricacies play out differently because the matter of each physical object has its own unique vibrational signature. Think of it like this: you go to a store, and there are two white t-shirts that look similar, but are not identical. These molecules that make up the thread and eventually the entirety of each individual 't-shirt' MUST be vibrating at a different frequency, otherwise the two shirts would be identical. You can apply this to anything. They are vibrating similarly, but there are still thousands of intricacies that determine why one white t shirt is a v-neck as opposed to scoop neck, why one is cotton and the other polyester, etc etc. The same goes with every "thing" in existence. Basically, it's the perspective you choose to hone in on.
  15. Also... Why am I not a community host? I have applied multiple times to be a host for Colorado but have not received any feedback or ever heard back about if I can be a host or not.... Why is that? Is it a technical problem?