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  1. What a story Teal! Every time the same happens to me and I say to myself, this is her best Blog ever and then you come up with one that is even more brilliant than the one before! Being German and even after having been Central American Touring Car Champion in 1974 and 1975, I do not drive when visiting Germany and leave that to friends or family in Germany! I do totally understand your feelings about driving on the Autobahn!!! Thank so much for this story about your visit to Europe and Teal, I thank you especially for being the Light in so much darkness especially at this moment in our lives!!!
  2. I do know very well where the use of "American" instead of "US Citizen" comes from, I have lived more than enough time of my life in Latin America (I know very well how they think about it) and I know very well why in Germany, and also other countries in Europe they use the same name, pure laziness. But laziness is no excuse. They say in Germany (and other countries) on the street, on TV or other News Media, the "American President" instead of the "US President", there is no excuse for that other than laziness, as if he would be president of all America. Even the other countries on the American Continent are used to this kind of talk, it does not go down well. And on top of that there goes by practically no day that you hear somewhere in the USA "..America is the greatest country on Earth...", you hear it on the street, you hear it on TV and especially in Washington. I was born in the war in a country were this kind of thinking was expressed every day on all corners and I learned the very hard way to what this kind of thinking leads, to nothing good, I can assure you. I do not overthink it, even I might be oversensitive after what I had to go through.
  3. Teal, I love all your Blogs and love your work and even I have more than twice your age, you are the person I have learned the most from, you have shown me how the things seem to work in this our Universe. Thank you for that! I live since over 50 years in El Salvador, my wife is from El Salvador. I am German and so I am also European. You were born in the USA, so you are an US Citizen and an American as you were born on the continent called America. But there are 21 other sovereign nations on the continent called "America" and so people born in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, they are all "Americans", not just the ones born in the USA. I am well aware that it has become custom all over the world to call "US Citizens" "Americans", but that is not correct and we all should respect the national pride of all people born on the continent called America. I know the USA quite well and have many friends that are US Citizen, my wife studied there, my daughter and her husband studied there, my eldest grandson was born in N.Y. and has therefor an US Passport and is studying in the US. If one can hear a question in the US again and again it is "...why do they hate us so much..?" One reason could be the lack of sensibility against the pride of other nations around the world, especially the Latin American countries. Teal, I do hope very much you will not take my above slight critic remark in a way it is not meant as if there is one person I respect than it is you and exactly therefor I have made it!
  4. Teal, wow, what a Blog again!! You will have heard or read about William Buhlman or you even know him and his extensive OBE work!? I wonder if you could make an Ask Teal video about what happens to the consciousness when people get Alzheimer or when some one suffers brain damage and only has short time memory of a single day and each morning wakes up without memory of the day before. Or what happens like when a boy in South Africa gets sick at age 14, looses consciousness for two years, regains consciousness without being able to communicate with the world around him as his body does not respond and lives trapped in his body from age 16 to age 25 without anybody noticing that he is trapped "in there"!? He never totally regained his speech but communicates over the computer like Stephen Hawking and he wrote a book about this part of his life called "Ghost Boy". There are so many questions without answers about our consciousness!
  5. Teal, I agree with you 100% and I feel your opinion is especially important considering you know very well about the control in our world and who seems to have the control and that if you are still voting IN has a lot of weight! I read most of the comments on this blog and nearly all of them voted leave - I feel they have not looked into the past and especially not looked into the past of Great Britain in the parts of the world most of the immigration is coming from! How significant it is that Scotland who wants to leave Great Britain, voted mostly IN. If they get their second chance I bet they vote this time around to leave Great Britain and vote IN again for the EU. Would it not have been much wiser from a human standpoint to invest all this effort to change the EU into something better, into something more positive for all? Does anyone know what an effort and years have gone into uniting 28 countries, all with different cultures and languages into one unit with more or less common goals? Some compare the EU with the Sowjet Union, that does not show much political and historic knowledge. I was born in what became later Communist Germany and know very well how shortsighted these kind of comparisons are. Teal, thank you again for this very wise and intelligent blog!
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