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    Following the general guidelines I have tried to do the Completion Process on my own for a couple of times. I often found it a bit confusing and hard. I personally have difficulties with staying with the emotion; I usually tend to distract myself with some random thoughts or movements. Therefore all my attempts usually ended with me being frustrated, giving up in the middle of the process and feeling hopeless. For that reason, having Nadine facilitating the process for me was exactly what I needed at that time. Having her guiding me through, helped me to stay in the process to the very end: every time I was getting destructed, she brought me gently back to my emotion. To my surprise I have discovered lots of interesting things about myself (such as my shadows and what I need to really focus on in order to integrate those "hurt" parts of me). Nadine was moreover (and still is) really supportive ever after the Process, always checking on me and the way I feel. It was a very interesting, new and definitely beneficial experience for me. Thank you, dear Nadine. Much love, Juliana.