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  1. This is a good one.... I looked up racoon predators... And found products that say they repell racoons... I would love to hear if you try it and how well it works... https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&source=android-browser&ei=3CKiWvnkBYzktQXs2pnoAw&q=raccoon+predator+urine&oq=raccoon+predators+u&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.1.0.0i22i30j33i160l2.24373.27572..30814...0....148.256.0j2..........1..mobile-gws-wiz-serp.......0j0i71.HpIkAyewXyA%3D
  2. Hi Patience, I totally recommend you listen to a couple of episodes from Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz over at hayhouseradio.com. I know I've heard a couple of callers that call in with their physical problems and Mona Lisa in her frank charming candor, nails the situation spot on.... (women like yourself who've been married long time) Not only that, she only takes women callers, so it creates a private type vibe to the program. Other than that... I'm a single 36 year old guy... so I really don't think I have anything positive to contribute that I can add with any degree of certainty it would help. ... I would say something stupid like, perhaps there is a parralel soul contract your unaware of you can bring to consciousness which would push aside the debilitating physical yuck you deal with now. One thing I hear from Teal's online sync was that you don' need to be in love with yourself to find new loving relationships. Perhaps a new side relationship (doesn' have to be romantic) would help? In other words, develop another aspect of your life where you don't feel stuck.
  3. My first comment is, I'm impressed that you'e been at the same job for four years. It's quite an accompliment.... And I'd say you can' really say you really don' keep jobs anymore. My second comment would be, try to figure out how to increase your performance at your current job, since you'e admitted to not being as productive as you want to be. .... And while your doing that, test the market for a new more (relatively) exciting job. Third, practice telling us/people/yourself what you think you want to accomplish in life.... for that is part of accomplishing it. You'e taken the time to share with us your thoughts on blockages and shame and the like, but perhaps, talking about what you want and the way you want it to happen will crack the blockages and slowly heal the shame. We can explore the benefits of what you get about being blocked and feeling depressed, but it seems like your ready to make the shift. I feel like you'e posted because you wanted to be heard, but moreso to ask for permission to pursue a dream. In that, I give you permission. What would you like to being accomplishing? ☺
  4. So the end result of revenge is peace and healing to the victim... or at least that' what the victim things revenge accomplishes. ... it seems like to reform the justice system it has to be coupled with victims services as well... that genuine healing won' be accompplished though revenge but through counseling of some sort in how to deal with the crime in a positive direction. ... it all comes down to money. How can it be cheaper for government on both ends... for the perpetrator rehabilitation, and the victims healing.
  5. Shocking - 60 Minutes - German Prisons I know that Teal has mentioned in the past that our justice system is in need major reforms. I watched this 60 minutes about the German Prison Experience. Now, I consider myself a Republican(ish) so I know how to speak their language and what they value. And watching what the German Prison experience was shocking. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/60-minutes-presents-behind-bars-2/ I guess my main hangup,,, I'm good for rehabilitation. and I'm against the death penalty... But I'm struggling with the definition what Justice is? I think this level of rehabilitation will be impossible in the States, until rehabilitation is define as Justice. There is a debt to the victims. Who pays that debt and how? Normally it's revenge upon the perpetrator.... and I'm thinking I'm referencing specifically the crimes with actual victims, like rape and murder. Anyway,,, Thoughts Anyone?
  6. I think that "Money will give me the control, that will conquer my fear." Fear of losing somebody you really might be interested in, makes you a vibration to rejection. So, Apparently, I don't believe I have power without Money, Which is completely false. ... In one of Teal's synchronization shops, she asked the guy "What if you put the same passion and drive into focusing on finding and cultivating relationships, as you do in your career?" Obviously, with this guy, since he gets it, could easily be dating three girls by the end of a month. The Action Steps for us (If relationships are the core issue), is that for women, since it's a feminine receiving energy, it to learn how to help a guy hold a conversation. Conversation is a learn-able skill... People literally don't know what to say, when an opportunity presents itself. ... For Guys, would be to learn to hold a conversation,,, keep talking until you find a mutual interest... don't pre-maturely end the conversation. Take the 'risk' initiating the conversation. Don't be afraid to be seen.
  7. It seems like the Law of Attraction in a lot of regards, is a catch 22... we want something, and in that wanting we simultaneously hold the vibration of the lack... I still am a believer in the LOA, but I don't stress about it. One of my latest Epiphanies of 2018,,, is that my desire for wealth, is actually what I think will get me Connection. This explains why money doesn't really inspire me into action. I still feel (somewhat) empty at the end of the day. That being said, I love reading, self-help books and wealth books, and spiritual wealth self help books. I enjoy the business planning and thought generation part. Anywho... I forget where, but I love the quote - "We become wealthy when we begin making wealthy decisions." It's not some number you finally cross on a balance sheet. It's when we begin tapping into the infinte abundance of the universe. My last comment, is I've signed up to the belief that Money is a tool, it's energy itself. And noticing a pattern that I have boundary issues with money,,, I'm still chronically broke myself, so I made a resolution for 2018: I'm not going give money as charity... like, to Pan Handlers, or to Non-profits that pay their CEOs $400,000 a year. Lastly, I'll just share this comment about Money with Ophrah,,, going back to my comment about how I want Wealth as my means of solving my desire for Connection. I believe once I get my connection needs met, I'll be able to "attract" the wealth that I 'want'. Happiness is the means to the Money. You don't attract what you want, you attract what you are.
  8. Like myself, it seems as if your in your head too much... you censor things your actually thinking, as if they might seem too random to the other person. (I 'have' trouble connecting to people) I'm thinking, it's not that you feel unworthy, it just that you feel unheard, and alone because of it. ... So what make you worthy? with that line of thinking in your post above... Your Friend is getting something out of the experience too!!! Your joyful, or mindful, company. Like i've arm-chaired psychologist identified that a part of you feels unheard,,, perhaps you friend appreciates you for giving your time to actually Be Heard, and listened too. ... As for feeling unworthy about your friends pocket change, as long as you know your being responsible with money, there shouldn't be much to feel guilty about. If it's super bothering you, tell your friend about it, see if they could become an accountability partner to figure out how you can grow your income. ... for my last thought, I recall Teal talking with someone about how our parent's love is riddled with conditions... So it just feels weird when you actually receive unconditional love, because that's not what your imprint of what love is. ... Sorry, I think i've covered two different trains of thought.
  9. They got distracted by Happiness... They got distracted by Happiness...
  10. "Why aren't we talking more about this topic?" I'd say that, it's a pick and choose our battles kind of a thing. Also, I don't find it very inspiring to newcomers to start off at the bat, automatically, that there is something wrong with them. It seems as though, you're making it, you don't belong here if you... Drink, do Drugs, Eat Meat, are a sex addict... I think the soul inherently knows these things and are naturally addressed through the healing/integration process, into becoming the person you aspire to be... It's a good topic to bring up,,, Thank You for the Sharing!!! I'd said, share you're beliefs in a casual way which will help people adopt 'not drinking' choices, as if it was their idea that they came up with... not as a directive from a parent or a doctor. "I feel so good as I am... it's weird, I don't even miss drinking... My former self would say that's fucked up... and My current self agrees 100%" (True example of me).
  11. I'm not in the inner circle, but I believe, that the hate groups don't reserve themselves the realm of the Internet. It's the 64,000 dollar question, how do you rationalize with irrational people who don't share your worldview. Our worldview is that 'harming' them, harms ourselves. We've thought ourselves into a bondage of defenselessness. ... And it's maddening to force ourselves to think this way, to want this to be reality (to create a and live in a better world that possible) while the current dimensions of reality says, there is division and very real, deadly, conflict in the human race... I guess the best thing we can do, is A. Carry our Cross with infinite compassion and forgiveness, and B. Breed like Rabbits. Our eventual hope is that they reintegrate into our family with higher consciousness, or they find belong beyond their hate group.... So that would make Option C, Joined the Hate Group - Mingle with the people in the Hate groups and help individuals find belonging elsewhere according to their respective interests.
  12. Compared to a regular supermarket, the Walmart experience takes it to an another level. I had a roommate that grew up in Nepal, and she joined me with my family for thanksgiving dinner... after that, I wanted to show her what the Black Friday shopping was going to be like, with all the Walmart clientele,,, What I missed in setting the expectations, were the smells of the people. You had to hold your breathe in spots. Just gotta laugh because it's all natural.
  13. No, lol... it was 8 years ago,,, I was into Yoga Hardcore at the time... and I somehow friended an older lonely woman who lived in a gated community where the HOA is like 20k a year just to live there... I tagged along with her one day when she went shopping, and she bought this pair for $400. Of course I was shocked myself! At the time, I was driving a car about worth that much... as in when I went to the beach, I left keys in the ignition with the windows down, almost daring somebody to take it... it was my A-B car... from A to Beach.
  14. So I have anxiety stuff I've struggle with... and I had an hour long shaman healing session with an "Elka Boren" ... and I'm laying on the table why she does her thing... When I'm brave enough I'll close my eyes (as I think it's part of what required to get the most out of the experience) and of the things, I saw, and memories that came up... I am super paranoid about not being without water, and when i had closed my eyes, It was like I was inside one of those big spheres that roll down a hill... so after feeling and experiencing that sensation, and accepting the fear, I felt the fun of not being in control... Similarly, when my eyes were closed, I felt the same kind of dimension of experience, except the fabric of my reality was waving side to side like a snake, and I was uncomfortable feeling dizzy with vertigo... eventually, The feeling of fear transmuted in a feeling of Fun.