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  1. What would a Large Scale Community Center Look Like? Hello All, I live in Jacksonville Florida, USA. I am a Real Estate Agent. Florida is Growing! New developments are getting built with great "Amenity Centers." I follow politics and economics, and Teal 🙂 and I've seen her express her intention of shifting society to a more communal and connected. So immigration is a big topic at the moment in American Politics. A question about the immigration debate that isn't talked about is, How many immigrants can we accept a year? From there, Where do these people live? There is short supply of affordable housing. So therein, I guess, Lies the Opportunity... what would a Low-Income housing development look like, with a "Teal Approved" Community Center? Would it even be a "large Scale center" or several cul-de-sac type ones? I'd love to see people Post ARTIST Renditions. Maybe we could make an artist challenge CONTEST of what a new-age communal community would look like... From that step, once there is an actual visual representation of what to we want to create, then we we have something to "Market" to our local governments. On a slightly different Topic,,, what would a Prison look like? Jacksonville has an old Jail, in a fairly, prime real estate location and probably should be relocated. And there is an opportunity to build a new one... So the question would be, What would a Prison look like, if it was built from scratch, to rehabilitate, and address the emotional healing many of the inmates need. PS Happy Birthday World.
  2. David B

    I have low energy roommates. And I've had this similar quandary of figuring out how to help them or inspire them for some personal growth and some love for life. Somehow, we got on the same page for a weight loss program... tomorrow is our third weekly weigh in. ... so for you, I'd recommend trying to figure out a way to shift the attention to creating a new positive habit you both could share in. ... the other way, would be to get negative with her, to bond as equals, and then bring her out of her negative space. Find out what that dark entity is in her life, and nurse her/him back to health.
  3. David B

    I feel very unsupported myself, emotionally. My little "trick" is to say, tomorrow is going to be a good day because.... and then I choose three easy goals with the empty checkbox... normally it's something I've been Procrastinating on... so the next day I do it, without any pressure on having to be in a positive mood to get stuff accomplished... and it really does feel I had a productive day regardless of whatever else happens. Fyi, i find it doesn't work when you try and make same day goals... But back to the original issue, I'm stuck on creating healthy positive relationships. I feel exasperated and hopeless.
  4. David B

    They say that, infinite patience produces immediate results... and those results are a semblance of peace. Knowing that your going to be persistent in taking action to figure out a way to get what you want, means you don' have to be completely miserable in the meantime. In a way, you can detach from the situation, because you are no longer "there." Your already pursuing a future self. The caution is, if this becomes your default coping mechanism in dealing with problems, you'l always be fighting for the future, never slowing down to enjoy the present moment. So guess that' the virtue of acceptence,,, if we don' run away from our problems, we will be less at risk running away from our happy moments too.
  5. David B

    Im sorry no one has replied to your post yet.... I think I due time, you will find out more... And things will become more clear. Obviously the more facts you can verify about him independent of his word, the better.
  6. David B

    I wasn't keeping an EYE on activity... but yesterday, I had a bad nights sleep and had a headache throughout most the day.... I thought it was perhaps more weather related, or that I had been in a noisy environment with second hand smoke the night prior... but I check it out late yesterday...
  7. David B

    Hi Garnet, It delighted me the other day to here how I've influence your life in a small way. It reminds me of the power we have to shape and evolve the universe.... Perhaps, the "no one wants to see you there" is their own personal shame people carry with themselves. If you feeling up to it, the next time you go to Walmart, open up your heart space and feel like your shining out extra love into the store, and see if you get that same experience. I'd love to here if you anything different happened or got a different vibe from people. David
  8. David B

    Perfect... Great Websites, Thank You... I was never into Astrology and "Mercury retrograde" but this seems a lot more Real... However, It doesn't appear to me My April 5th woes were Not sun related.... Or maybe I was experiencing "Electron Flux >2mev>1kpfu" Alert withdrawal. lol. (I'm not THAT paranoid, fyi)
  9. David B

    Solar Winds & Flairs Hi All, I had I rougher day than normal yesterday afternoon anxiety-wise... (United States eastern timezone.) I'm just wondering to those more in tune and sensitive to energies,,, is there a link to solar activity and how you feel? ... and does anyone have any recommended websites where they follow solar activity? Tia David
  10. David B

    This is a good one.... I looked up racoon predators... And found products that say they repell racoons... I would love to hear if you try it and how well it works... https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&source=android-browser&ei=3CKiWvnkBYzktQXs2pnoAw&q=raccoon+predator+urine&oq=raccoon+predators+u&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.1.0.0i22i30j33i160l2.24373.27572..30814...0....148.256.0j2..........1..mobile-gws-wiz-serp.......0j0i71.HpIkAyewXyA%3D
  11. Hi Patience, I totally recommend you listen to a couple of episodes from Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz over at hayhouseradio.com. I know I've heard a couple of callers that call in with their physical problems and Mona Lisa in her frank charming candor, nails the situation spot on.... (women like yourself who've been married long time) Not only that, she only takes women callers, so it creates a private type vibe to the program. Other than that... I'm a single 36 year old guy... so I really don't think I have anything positive to contribute that I can add with any degree of certainty it would help. ... I would say something stupid like, perhaps there is a parralel soul contract your unaware of you can bring to consciousness which would push aside the debilitating physical yuck you deal with now. One thing I hear from Teal's online sync was that you don' need to be in love with yourself to find new loving relationships. Perhaps a new side relationship (doesn' have to be romantic) would help? In other words, develop another aspect of your life where you don't feel stuck.
  12. My first comment is, I'm impressed that you'e been at the same job for four years. It's quite an accompliment.... And I'd say you can' really say you really don' keep jobs anymore. My second comment would be, try to figure out how to increase your performance at your current job, since you'e admitted to not being as productive as you want to be. .... And while your doing that, test the market for a new more (relatively) exciting job. Third, practice telling us/people/yourself what you think you want to accomplish in life.... for that is part of accomplishing it. You'e taken the time to share with us your thoughts on blockages and shame and the like, but perhaps, talking about what you want and the way you want it to happen will crack the blockages and slowly heal the shame. We can explore the benefits of what you get about being blocked and feeling depressed, but it seems like your ready to make the shift. I feel like you'e posted because you wanted to be heard, but moreso to ask for permission to pursue a dream. In that, I give you permission. What would you like to being accomplishing? ☺
  13. David B

    So the end result of revenge is peace and healing to the victim... or at least that' what the victim things revenge accomplishes. ... it seems like to reform the justice system it has to be coupled with victims services as well... that genuine healing won' be accompplished though revenge but through counseling of some sort in how to deal with the crime in a positive direction. ... it all comes down to money. How can it be cheaper for government on both ends... for the perpetrator rehabilitation, and the victims healing.
  14. Shocking - 60 Minutes - German Prisons I know that Teal has mentioned in the past that our justice system is in need major reforms. I watched this 60 minutes about the German Prison Experience. Now, I consider myself a Republican(ish) so I know how to speak their language and what they value. And watching what the German Prison experience was shocking. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/60-minutes-presents-behind-bars-2/ I guess my main hangup,,, I'm good for rehabilitation. and I'm against the death penalty... But I'm struggling with the definition what Justice is? I think this level of rehabilitation will be impossible in the States, until rehabilitation is define as Justice. There is a debt to the victims. Who pays that debt and how? Normally it's revenge upon the perpetrator.... and I'm thinking I'm referencing specifically the crimes with actual victims, like rape and murder. Anyway,,, Thoughts Anyone?