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  1. Devinadivine

    Protection Stones

    PERFECT start to Scorpio season. Thank you Teal!!
  2. Devinadivine


    My boyfriend and I have been riding the wave Teal!! I've not felt so excited and free to create in so long! Thank you for the Divine Masculine Activation!
  3. Hey Teal!! Would you do the most significant chakra outside of the 7 at least??
  4. Devinadivine

    3rd Eye Minerals

    Omg thank you so much for this one! VERY excited to try out some of these stones with ol Ajna. This one makes me even MORE drawn to hearing you talk about chakras outside of the 7 chakra system because you're certain to give a unique and fresh perspective! Ultimately it's up to you obviously but PLEASE talk about more after the Crown. It would be AMAZING to hear about how the chakras outside the main 7 pertain to relationships!
  5. Super excited about Instagram! (P.S. Still hoping you go past the 7 chakras with this series *fingers crossed*) Love you!
  6. 34:51 My boyfriend and I have done a lot of contemplation on the idea that his childhood circumstances were very unpredictable and I honestly think that is the best theory I've heard about the cause of ADHD. I would also like to see you speak about the sensitivities to things like dyes and T shaped fats, also sugar (I know these things are bad for us all but I definitely notice how they affect my ADHD husband in particular)
  7. Hey Teal Still really looking forward to your full episode about ADHD. I am glad that you have waited to make it because I presume it will be very detailed once you do. I wanted to note/request something; Whenever you make that episode I would really love to see you focus a big portion on the lives of people in any kind of relationship with someone who has ADHD (intimate in particular). I've been discovering and pondering the intricacies of the law of attraction in relation to those with ADHD and the people around them since my boyfriend and I started dating 5 years ago.
  8. I would love to see a video of you talking about media.
  9. Devinadivine

    Root Chakra Crystals

    PLEASE go beyond the 7 chakras with these videos OMG I will be waiting
  10. Devinadivine

    Tea Time With Teal

    My husband and I ordered some Milk Oolong Tea to try it out and it arrived today We just finished a couple cups and I can see why it is your favourite! I really like it
  11. Devinadivine

    Toxic Masculinity

    I knew there would be a shit storm as soon as I watched the commercial, and then it turned out to be that big of a thing hahaha. I knew it would be a shit storm because they were obviously hitting on a touchy and current subject but they were going at it in such a way where they (of course, television) did nothing to show what leads to that behaviour in the first place lol. And as we can all start to REALLY see now, the definition of love really has changed to mean taking something as a part of yourself, and that commercial doesn't showcase taking those men and their behaviours as a part of yourself lol. Even the public seems to becoming aware of that more and more. I love watching it all play out so much!
  12. Devinadivine

    What Are Angels?

    Hanuman cliqueeeeee
  13. Unrelated topic but I would really like this to be seen by Teal. Do you you think you could make an episode about Solipsism?
  14. Devinadivine


    We need a recipe!
  15. Devinadivine


    I've been having trouble loading any videos on the site on Google Chrome for a week or two
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