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  1. Devinadivine

    Cancer, Bone Cancer

    Hey Teal, Would you do an episode on solipsism? I think a lot more ppl struggle with it than generally known. I also think ppl might struggle with it and may have never even heard the word. It is my one of my biggest struggles.
  2. Devinadivine

    Taking For Granted

    I take for granted every single thing in my life just about.
  3. Devinadivine


    Lmao I swear you guys are standard INFJ and INFP duo. My husband and Is answers would be very similar. He always feels pressure from others and I always feel overwhelmed that I can't fix the world at large.
  4. Devinadivine

    The Most Difficult

    Most difficult day was yesterday actually. Learning that there are people who want to take you from your home and isolate you like they did in China. Absolutely horrible dystopian disaster.
  5. Thanks. Just wanted Teal to be aware.
  6. HR 6666. They are officially coming for the American people. A bill has been introduced for them to come into your home and test you and quarantine you.
  7. I was just wondering yesterday when and what the next painting would be
  8. Devinadivine

    Denial Exercise

    Thanks for the exercise idea Teal. I've been pretty fcking terrified so it should prove interesting to see what I'm *still in denial of
  9. Devinadivine


    Gurl I'm glad this is the message because I just woke up to some buuullshit.
  10. Devinadivine


    Nice heads up, Teal. I'm definitely in a "Okay, screw it, you just all do what you're gonna do and I'm gonna shut you all out." kind of mood today. I'll do my best to observe myself in that, and choose to re-engage.
  11. Gurl I just don't wanna be injected and chipped with ID2020. Anything but that
  12. Devinadivine

    Self Sabotage

    Thank you for being here in these moments, Teal. I am going to buy my premium for a year out. I hope that little teeny bit helps you and your team. I'm sure the issue is much larger than that. Your messages are more important now than ever.
  13. Thank you for addressing this, Teal.
  14. Are Papaya's part of the melon family?? like cantaloupe and honeydew?? I'm probably allergic. I tried them as a kid once and it was sooo grossly sweet
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