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  1. I love you teal. I often think about when you said the voice of those who love is not as loud as the voice of those who hate. I love how open you are and how you admit that you don't have a wisdom to share. I wish you will know that we love you and may be our voice is quieter - it's still going. I love the bit about broadcasting yourself so that you can find those u can belong to. I love you and I miss you and I love you and I miss you and I love you and I miss you and I love you... ??? as u said the fire ? has been lit. May all being be blessed. Thank you thank you thank you
  2. I love you i love you i love you dont give up we keep going thank you for this honest blog post. I've missed you a little bit and my teal tribers the pressures are huge at the moment but never mind. We got each other. I love you teal. Xxx
  3. Delina


    ? your Phillia is beautiful just like you, sis. im proud of you. ? ?? I too, if I can be of service to your vision. I will ???
  4. I made a video expressing my love to you. Our love to you. Hang in there, we keep going. You can only do your best. Im coming to see you in Dublin and we will meet, hug and smile. We will connect. Drink of the elexir of life and continue to be you. Ur my soul sister Teal. I feel you. We are good. We keep going. It's so courageous of you to do a tour in Europe.
  5. Delina

    Costa Rica

    I love you Teal totally actionable mood, after an amazing date with a lovely British guy who happens to have the same visions an desire like me so may be we will work together an make it happen. Costa Rica has been calling me. I feel inspired an "who can I drag down with me" to the new earth is the question. Im on it basically. See you in Dublin.
  6. Awesome enjoy yourself
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