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  1. Gorgeous! Such truth in these words about the Swiss Alps. I hear your message.
  2. Yes I agree, we are all very angular. But I think you can find deeper relationships depending on which "bubbles", areas of activities and workspaces you connect to.
  3. Oh this is a great blog for us Swiss! I'm definitely addicted to chocolate! hahaha! The high standards are brilliant in which we have public services of excellent quality, but it can be tiresome sometimes to always fulfil the best. It is also hard to move forward into new ideas because everything works well here so why change? Punctuality is great, but I would love to relax from time to time, and not be so always in time… And yes impersonality is probably the hardest aspect of the Swiss people. The energy is very angular here and difficult to get through and have deeper relationships. I'm coming from an anglo-saxon background where there is more openness and little more mess which I so much appreciate. Gladly I'm a musician so I sort of live in a Swiss bubble where I meet and connect with wonderful people in intimate ways.
  4. Lion’s gate… ? Some sort of astrology event.
  5. I feel very inspired by how Teal works with people. I also particularly liked her last message about today’s polarisation for the need of safety. A good way to think about considering that need in the other to de escalate the tension.

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