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  1. Kosima

    If You Could Return...

    Oho! So many of us aspire to be pampered pets - and no one yet wants to come back to pamper ...? I thought this little human device is rather cool and this planet rather magnificent ... would enjoy some further exploration ...
  2. Kosima

    If You Could Return...

    just dance! It's beyond anything - and it's so real earthen
  3. Kosima

    Cooking with Teal

    Truly beautiful food! Indeed you can roast everything really well in what is called a Roman Pot (a ceramic pot with a lid). They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It's cheaper and no need to use aluminium - besides it tastes awesome and all ingredients remain in the pot. (and it's definitely avoiding waste). The tomatoes also can go raw into the soup ...Roasted onions with raw tomatoes works very well. And if nothing else, the sweet potatoes also roast well just in their peel ... I have not seen studies that aluminium goes into the food when cooking in it ... would be interested to learn about it.
  4. Kosima

    Independence Day

    Well spoken Teal! Inclusiveness and Teambuilding are definitely a good idea. Nationalism has proven itself to be counterproductive with terrible consequences. Most importantly: The most pressing national and global security threat is climate change. Military build up does not address our security needs, instead it contributes horrendously to Climate Change. Rebuilding Landscapes will build community, build climate resilience - and grow nutritious food in abundance. It will also create landscapes of true beauty. Let's go for Life!
  5. Kosima

    Life In One Word

  6. Kosima

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Washing vegetables is one thing, but if you soak them for so long it's like making tea - and then pouring out the tea and chewing the leaves. In other words, wouldn't you loose a lot of nutrients and life force from your vegetables and fruits? Every time you have to make that decision: Chemicals versus nutrients ...The question is: How do you make that decision?
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