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  1. Kosima

    Singles Awareness Day

    LOVE FLOWERS DAY Valentine's Day is a great Day to exchange Love and Gratitude with the Flowers of this world, especially with cocoa flowers and roses ... The Day of Loving Flowers, Enjoying, Loving and Admiring Flowers all day long, what a truly fantastic treat.
  2. Kosima

    One Thought

    Can you tell us more about bacteria and viruses? Should be so fascinating!
  3. Kosima

    If You Could Return...

    Oho! So many of us aspire to be pampered pets - and no one yet wants to come back to pamper ...? I thought this little human device is rather cool and this planet rather magnificent ... would enjoy some further exploration ...
  4. Kosima

    If You Could Return...

    just dance! It's beyond anything - and it's so real earthen
  5. Kosima

    Cooking with Teal

    Truly beautiful food! Indeed you can roast everything really well in what is called a Roman Pot (a ceramic pot with a lid). They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It's cheaper and no need to use aluminium - besides it tastes awesome and all ingredients remain in the pot. (and it's definitely avoiding waste). The tomatoes also can go raw into the soup ...Roasted onions with raw tomatoes works very well. And if nothing else, the sweet potatoes also roast well just in their peel ... I have not seen studies that aluminium goes into the food when cooking in it ... would be interested to learn about it.
  6. Kosima

    Independence Day

    Well spoken Teal! Inclusiveness and Teambuilding are definitely a good idea. Nationalism has proven itself to be counterproductive with terrible consequences. Most importantly: The most pressing national and global security threat is climate change. Military build up does not address our security needs, instead it contributes horrendously to Climate Change. Rebuilding Landscapes will build community, build climate resilience - and grow nutritious food in abundance. It will also create landscapes of true beauty. Let's go for Life!
  7. Kosima

    Wash Your Vegetables!

    Washing vegetables is one thing, but if you soak them for so long it's like making tea - and then pouring out the tea and chewing the leaves. In other words, wouldn't you loose a lot of nutrients and life force from your vegetables and fruits? Every time you have to make that decision: Chemicals versus nutrients ...The question is: How do you make that decision?
  8. Yes you are magically authentic - and so beautifully human in that state, oh yes ... so beautiful. When you are sitting on your own ears ... like all of us When you are trapped by your own cage ... like all of us When you are testing the victim control dynamic (being-the-victim-of-haters-dynamic) just "accept what is" ... grhhh that is so mean I know ..., so, truly me trying, how silly really - authentically to reflect your own teachings onto you ... while you already know. Those haters surely, yes ... they do think you stole their dream. But they might/could know that they still have the dream, unfortunately perhaps for them, the dream that you helped them to find ... a bit of a quagmire ... Still, once you give your Ego (your little Ego-rinda) a nice holiday ... and just allow yourself to be ... to be Human as it happens to be ..., the most magic you will find ... , the haters will find their dream again somehow - and you can rest assure, that you did your best. Those haters-beings are doing their best to regain their dream, reclaim their dream. Do let them have it ... their dream ... it is ok. Empathy, Focus, Love, ... Time ... Yes there will be a time, when it will resolve unravel and become fruitful. Human dimension adds time - and time heals ... In fact there is really nothing that needs healing, or hating, or feeling bad about, wrong or right, good or bad. Just keep it up, keep going ... and be assured you are at your best already. Without feeding any Ego even most amazing. Once your Ego-rinda is gone, the haters will be gone as well. Magic. Human magic. Earthly magic. Cannot be without the Ego - and yet can't feed it too fat. Us poor human souls. Hard to do when you try and magically it will happen when you stop trying. Enjoy the game. Love wins every time.
  9. Dear Teal, You have arrived ... you can now enjoy full responsibility and steering for your own life. Whatever parents or other caretakers or people around you did once so long ago perhaps to you, yes of course that is what they did, perhaps with the best of intend. That is what happened. Once. Long ago. Yet you, you are now reborn, free, free of the skins of what other might have done to you, consciously or not at all so consciously so. You are free. You are free of what people have done to you. Perhaps if they might have. None of this matters now. You are new reborn, you are you = and complete. You shed the skins of shaming others, of shaming yourself = of shame itself. You shed the skin of pain and paining yourself and = pain itself. You are just simply you - a beautiful white sheet of paper = ready to envision, be vision, share vision, be all that what you deeply desire ... There you are ... Just you! Beautifully so you! Beautifully you, your own whale you, blue, powerful, calm and powerfully alive. Free! Limitlesslessly so.
  10. "Inner Grandmother Work" Welcome to the understanding, that this is a process! The Retreat Center is not as important as the making of it, the growing of it, the vision and the weaving of a group. Just enjoy the ride, a perfect testing ground to be using all your teachings, all at the same time (yes, you will probably feel the universe's huge giggling) ... Never mind the outcome ... the Center needs to grow in whichever way the community can grow it. The outcome is: "The learning of the process ... " Your situation seems to have offered itself as perfect reflection of global challenges, thus you are facing this. And ... for support and perspective: Just allow your future grandmother self to view yourself in your current situation. Our inner grandmother, grandfather is a great tool of perspective, a view from the future, from the angle of wisdom and love.
  11. Kosima


    Mirrors thank you for sharing so eloquently your very unique perspectives and experiences! It is truly eye and heart opening. Though somewhat different, this still reminded me of Tom Kenyon’s “Song of the New Earth” film, where he and his wife found that as children their eyes were locked into each other’s eyes while they were driving along the same highway, in a bus and in a car side by side for a brief time in unison. Both of them remembered it as very special - and they only found out much later, when his wife wrote a story about this experience and they compared place and time of the event. (The film describes sound healing in a very authentic sharing of his life’s experience)
  12. BREXIT GETTING RID OF THE RAIN BY THROWING OUT THE RAINCOAT It is as if people had enough of the rain, deeply done with it altogether - and thus voted to get rid of the raincoat. Perhaps or even certainly so, the raincoat was not quite right and did need a lot of improvement. Sure, but, getting rid off it altogether when you know it will rain was the very decision made from the emotional basis of “once you get rid of the raincoat, the rain will be gone as well.” People wanted to get out of globalisation, wanted to leave the globalised world with all its new problems at unprecedented scale. Thus they OPTED OUT of a complex management structure, that has at least some potential to regulate. People voted against complexity. People voted against their very own interest because of an unprecedented level of manipulation of the democratic process. Yes Uninformed and misinformed decision making unhinges the democratic process. People voted to leave, because they wanted to be heard and validated. They did not recognise that this vote will have consequences, consequences they did not intend, consequences that do not serve their very own interest. And people will be disappointed to find that there is no way back and that none of us can vote to leave a globalised world much as we cannot change the weather. But we can dress right for the weather and embrace the weather as our ally. What will come next? Hopefully a clarification process that indeed we are connected and are capable of working together as a species. Fortunately there is not just one and only one way. And sometimes a more challenging way can even more give rise to expansion and understanding. Currently apparently this is the way that serves. We are all connected. We are one. We are learning. We are part of a process. May it serve. May we serve this process.
  13. Thank you for sharing the energy vibration of menarche blood. Your way to see! How magic it is, how deeply connected to the moon and with the water cycle, with the planets and all beings of consciousness.. It is powerfully fulfilling and a huge happiness to see you embrace with full attention this part of humankind. Perhaps you might also share the vibrations, the energy field of semen ...! I so love to observe the new league of men collectively maturing, the machoism left to former generations, them still dealing with fathers and grandfathers - yet themselves all new and ready to embrace life in a wonderfully self assured, empowering-others-kind of confident way - yes I know still testing. Yet already so sure of their paths. The women of childbearing age: only 35 years of our life dedicated to this way: if we should turn 85 years old. then 50 years of life is without this life giving miracle in the blood. "White women" peaceful, yet also passed their time as ‘Women of the fertile mooncyle’. The blood being the cleansing power, the agent, preparing for the time of high fertility, time of reception and full blown open hearted love, just a few days after it flows. This blood is cleansing and purifying and rejuvenating. This blood is the blood of perception and of welcoming life. The blood of menarche is beautiful when it flows freely, and it can only be astounding and embraced. The time to be with the blood, the time to be with the body, the time prepare to receive life or even perhaps the time to fully know that this is not the time to receive and it is instead the time to connect in another deep kind of way. White Wise Women - and Red Life Women, how connected and yet how different we are. It is this sweetness of life-giving force, this sweetness of being and giving. The sweetness of life and the sweetness of being apart of the web of life. How empty life would be without this nourishing, creating-life-giving cycle of the blood?
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