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  1. Aska Natt


    that I see the magic is real and everywhere that I realise I cannot fall out of love and never have that I have come far enough into my inner work that I can see that everything is possible from here.
  2. Aska Natt


    That my days are busy, but with things I would have dreamed of doing a year ago... that I have the opportunity to go for swims whenever I want that I have come so far, that I feel more free than ever before. I feel as If I have more space to expand than I thought possible. I'm grateful that my relationship with my mother feels better than ever, and the same with my sister and my brother. I'm grateful for connecting with fascinating people and for feeling more energised than ever before.
  3. Aska Natt


    I would buy my sister a ticket to come visit me and help me set up a women's retreat and plant medicine retreats I would get my nephew a membership to any sport or group activity he would enjoy and anything he might need to thrive I would get anything my sister needed for her home, so she and my nephew could live comfortably I would help my family create communities and help them set up for growing their own food and creating abundance I would take my sisters to a concert and weekend in a cabin with a sauna and a lake I would bring my family together for a weekend at a cabin somewhere beautiful I would get/send beautiful gifts to my friends
  4. Aska Natt


    what would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail? I would create women's retreats and events for expansion I would do a water fast and cleanse my body I would invest my time in doing readings and helping people in their awakening process I would do all of these things without worrying about not having time to do it all, I would find a way to make them all fit. I would energetically invite a partner who is compatible to my needs and me to theirs, I would stop blocking this person out of fear of who might show up. I would connect to more people in the network of people who want to create from Freedom, Truth and Love. I would open a vegan cafe/ organic mini shop and healing space

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