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  1. Let's go deeper. What may get in the way of crying? How is crying suppressed? Crying itself is not suppressed. The emotions are. Once we are open, and our body can release, the emotions come to the surface and now the tears can come out. I think if you want to cry, then find ways you can open your body up. Personally I came to this realization recently. I began a detox phase within my body, colonic irrigations and such, and literally a 20 sec crying bout seemingly came out of nowhere! It was very interesting.
  2. Krystine

    wow thank you @Angeldust! I can't believe I hadn't seen this, this is great.
  3. Krystine

  4. Thank you so much for the advice and support guys I really shouldn't pressure myself into leaving...there is no rush. It would be good to just save up on money like you say. And when I ask myself, what would somebody that loves themselves do, it would be to stay. Thank you.
  5. Want to live alone but can't because of fragmentation Hiya, Part of me wants to begin my life and move out of my parents. But another part of me desperately needs my parents, even if just having them in the house. That part of me is afraid of being alone because it's scared of being prone to depression, or feeling crazy when I am alone (I feel this might be due to past shroom experiences). Can anyone give me any advice? I really want all of myself to be on board with going out and living my dreams.. Krystine
  6. Krystine

    Teal actually mentions this in one of her interviews. She says plants are conscious of being harmed but they have the least amount of resistance to being killed. So, there is SOME suffering caused when you say, step on the grass or even ingest plants, but not as much as an animal with a complete nervous system. On another note, fruit can be argued to be the highest vibration of food, because it is an offering from the tree to other mammals. Here it is:
  7. What makes it easier for our body to release & cry? What if you want to cry but can't? what's getting in the way on a physical level perhaps?
  8. Krystine

    Yes I have experienced this and was hospitalized for it. I highly recommend Sean Blackwell's Youtube series on "Bipolar or Waking Up?" and I also recommend the book "The Stormy Search for the Self" by Stan Grof. He outlines recommendations you can follow to tune down your inner experience if it is too overwhelming. The hospital is unfortunately the only option in today's age for people going through spiritual awakening, because the person's family doesn't understand the process or fears it. In the future I hope we will have facilities or retreat settings where people can be referred to during their spiritual awakening, so they can get 24-hr support.
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    Interesting intersting...the interpretation I know is "The root of the Lotus sunk in the mud represents material life, the stalk passing up through the water typifies existence in the astral world, and the flower floating on the water and opening to the sky is emblematical of spiritual being."
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    Absolutely. I just contacted Vegas Roots Community Garden
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    I feel the pain of my awakening the most when I drive from my home onto the streets and the city. I am shocked and in disbelief that our world is set up the way it is. I am over-stimulated by this urban environment; the motors, the asphalt, the glowing signs. We live such separate lives, too, and this is so overwhelmingly alienating to me. Being awake to this world makes me feel powerless, because I feel like in order to create the lifestyle, community, and sustainability I desire is to go against the whole tide of society.
  12. Awakening on this planet feels traumatic In her allegations video, Teal says it's traumatic living on Earth when you awaken and to see clearly how things actually are on this planet. How do you relate to this in your perspective of this world, and how that feels internally?
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    Can anyone host me Saturday night in LA?
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    Hi Rainbow Thunderstorm, I was diagnosed bipolar disorder with psychotic features about more than a year ago. I have had one more psychotic episode since then. I, too, am seeking answers to what happened to me and what could happen since I'm not on medication anymore. What to do to heal, etc If you'd like, I found a very interesting webpage that offers a spiritual/meta-physical perspective on bipolar and schizophrenia. Basically it talks about how are astral body is becoming higher in frequency at the same time our ego is becoming fractured. All gets thrown into chaos. At the end, it describes why depression sets in following an episode. Here it is: Would love to discuss more with you, and I too am looking for an intentional community to integrate my life!