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  1. Sylvana

    The odd thing is for me, I only started to get terrible cramps I mean, send me to the hospital cramps, later in life. Apparently I had hemorrhagic cysts and a small tumor on my ovary. It happened around my 29th birthday. Right around the time, I got the stupid guardasil vaccine for hPV. I realized much later the co-relation. So doctors can convince you to make fear based decisions. And at the time I was dating a pharmacist so it was free..... im doing a lot better but, every once in a while it rears its ugly head. I tried talking to my lady bits /ovary vagina area as if it's a cartoon. There's was no depth of conversation but, the simple fact that I was talking to it. Seemed to REALLY HELP immensely. I also drink ginger tea and fennel as per dr. Greger .... that website is the Bees f-ing knees . Love u sylvana
  2. Sylvana

    She's scared of whales!!! Lol ..... like really freaked out lmfao. Of course that would happen.
  3. Sylvana

    Straight up these people are f*cking arseholes. They need to get a life. Quit shooting the messenger. I'm really angry. I'm with you Teal, you have my support and always will. I can't even imagine how it feels to be sabotaged on a large scale. What a bunch of ignorant fools. What can we or I do to help? I can do a pro Teal video. I've introduced you to many friends. Your stuff is so practical & to the point and it ALWAYS makes sense. I would love to give these "haters" a taste of their own medicine. Everyone has a right to an opinion but, with all due respect these haters can go play in traffic. With love ?