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  1. i dont play sports but i love other people doing it <3 teal bodytype is goals <3
  2. i wish the volumen gets louder! <3 i love teal without make up <3
  3. arriba mexico cabrones! hahaha seguro es de puerto rico y yo asumiendo que es de mexico <3
  4. i love that meditation <3 is my favorite of all and i buy it all! <3
  5. <3 lets kill them all jk lol <3 love and light to all the people who are suffering
  6. <3 thanks for sharing this <3
  7. transition...radical change! YAS
  8. nobody cant take away the teachings i learn from you and there is a whole world of people feeling like me and i think we are so grateful to you more than the hate they focus on you and fuck yeah is more louder cause is LOVE. future generations going to remember you and you can deal with those motherfuckers you get through your childhood , your teen years and you become who youre now...you mean to us a lot and dragon or not im by your side ,i admire that i see inmyself in you and that is something just autenticity can give us thanks teal mary
  9. how i the same as my EGO :3 i love this blog teal thanks
  10. i love EROS too LOL OMG this is amazing teal blessings in this adventure! we are getting near everytime
  11. F*ck this is a b*tchslap to me and i love it.
  12. i hope someday you can do a book about all the positive negative vibration of all cities in the whole world LOL workshops everywhere for everyone! come to lima peru :3 im the only triber here for now...
  13. i wanna go! :3 so refreshing nothings is wrong with us
  14. i hope you come to lima peru someday and say to me what is the dominant vibrations u.u positive and negative :3
  15. i hope someday you come to Lima-Peru :3 love all your vibration city readings
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