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  1. IlluminosaImmortalis


    <3 good luck with the fame teal <3
  2. winter so cuteeeee <3 merry christmas teal and friends/family.
  3. lets make christmas everyday! <3 thanks teal for add me and some of my friends on facebook that day really lift my spirit that day with that random act of kindness , you da queen! <3
  4. delicious boobs goals! <3 happy birthday graciela
  5. lets master more aspects of our lives! <3
  6. IlluminosaImmortalis


    omg yes the achiever! <3
  7. meditate for 12 hours <3
  8. IlluminosaImmortalis


    thanks for the subtitles! amazing!
  9. i had a premium again LOL <3 #Received #ShadowWork
  10. <3 im wet LOL <3 i cant wait for thay day teal <3
  11. If we don’t dare to dream, we will never have a different life. <3 thanks
  12. <3 gurlllllllllllll i had so much in common with venice <3
  13. my last day on premium! omg i love this daily update thanks teal
  14. my 3 last days on premium omg! i must see it all before till the next time ...i love how teal handle this city GOOD QUALITY AUDIO! <3
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