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  1. Why, Everytime I read this "Folsom prison blues" by: Johnny Cash, comes to mind? Must be the train theme.
  2. Cocoanut oil
  3. @Tessa Rae, you had a past life once that was dull and full of everything that you think you are lacking in this life, however, you were unhappy. I can relate to what you are saying, because I think I'm becoming that artsy unattached spiritual type as well. It's beautiful though. Don't be ashamed, one day it will be cool to be like us, and guess what? We are already there.... booyah! Fuck you everyone else, I am free and finished with any man-made illusion.
  4. @amy f all you can do is stay positive and possibly you may help change what ever match she may be to this "impending doom" that you intuitively feel. I'm glad you trust your intuitiveness, because I do and you have every right to be worried. I suggest you just, in your own way, let her know about your concern and leave it at that. Just project positive thoughts and energy. I hope that you are doing well, Amy. 💚
  5. Am I really last on your list?
  6. I give all 10 of my points to @Amazawa and my award, he deserves it more than I. Much appreciated. (Note the significance, it's my 444 post)
  7. @Tessa Rae he's my overall favorite.
  8. Ahhhh, but I see that they got you with that super high-speed chip in your card that takes an additional 5 minutes to make a transaction.
  9. Made me laugh haha
  10. I got the same exact message. probably a regular , I don't want to mention any names, I have an idea....
  11. There is a change. And the result of the election will result in a change in the long run for the US. the government will collapse .
  12. I got this as well, I reported it.
  13. Dreams are currently intense due to a current energy shift taking place and intensified by the November 14th supermoon, very intense astrological period this month. Also many will experience insomnia as a result as well.
  14. It is unanimously acknowledged that the church stands on the hill that Christ's cross stood.
  15. I took the top picture with my camera in 2008. What you see are millions of orbs which are energy balls; souls. This is the tomb of Joseph in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel. I have always seen energy balls with my naked eye, also described in the ways others have in their posts above. While in the Army I passed an extensive flight test for pilots and I came out in top shape to include the eye exams, so I know I have great eyes.