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  1. This was over a year ago hahaha but thank you love you so namaste! I'm a 22 by the way
  2. I have a sneaky suspicion that this is Trinity Anderson.
  3. Who the fuck are you?
  4. Caroline: "He doesn't make sense, I don't make sense, together we make sense." From one of my favorite romances "Untamed Heart" with Christian Slater, Marisa Tomei, and Rosie Perez.
  5. Thank you, looks great, Gabija!
  6. I totally know where you are and kudos to you for opening up. Like someone said, your soul came here for a reason. You've been at the end of your rope for quite sometime, tie a knot at the very end and continue to hold on because it's going to get better. This is only a fraction of our whole existence, it's like being on a circus ride, there are thrills and chills and ups and downs, then we leave the ride and go home. The shift in the global consciousness is real and we are going to be the facilitators of it. It is very okay and very normal to feel like your vibe and connection fluctuate, we come out of alignment at times or we get to a certain hight in our consciousness and we become complacent maybe and fail to maintain it like you do with any relationship, self-love is in alignment with your higherself. You haven't lost anything, you are still very connected and you don't really go down in vibration, but we can become dormant. Enlightenment is not easy, there is a shadow side to Enlightenment as well, when we wake up and see the suffering and tyranny with sober eyes. This too shall pass. Find a goal or work towards something you enjoy. Goals are the breath of life, they keep us moving forward. Doing what you enjoy will bring you to your purpose. Start doing what you enjoy doing start connecting with nature and people. I want to share a concept that I just heard recently, think of life like a sheet of music and the spaces between the notes are the 'not so fun' parts of our life but they still need to be there so that we can recognize the notes right? Or it wouldn't sound like a melody. Miraculous unfoldings are on your way. Stay aware
  7. I love red Majda
  8. She would make a great presidential nominee with her debating skills. Only if....
  9. "I've conquered country, crown and throne why can't I cross this river?" "The hands of the many must join as one and together we'll cross the river."
  10. "Repugnant is a creature who would squander the ability to lift an eye to heaven conscious of his fleeting time here."
  11. I relate sometimes, I think it must be natural to go in and out of alignment, especially in this day and age. Becoming more aware helps, I think harnessing your sexual energy and transmuting it is a simple practice that takes discipline. Diet also helps and probably exercise but most of it is in your head and in how your subconscious is programed. Good luck I hope you figure it out. Micah Love Light