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  1. At 38 years old. A beautiful baby girl with blondish curly hair at the toddler age. She has a round face and a full head of hair and poky cheeks with big dimples and high cheekbones. A button nose and two beady eyes.
  2. Haha, that's the "-likes to try new things" I thought haha
  3. Choose to let this go. You are not on the frequency of allowing someone for you to manifest. I feel like there's a step ahead and The One will be standing there. I don't know what that means, perhaps you do, it's what I feel. I wish you all of the luck in the world!
  4. Let go and let God. We must let go and surrender our customary frames of reference and choose to trust a process over which we no longer have or ever had control. I understand you are approaching your dilemma with great trepidation. When in doubt, let go. Trust. You are not evil. As human nature has the ability to be on either side of the vast same spectrum of any two aspects(with polarity). For instance, an empathic person embodies the same aspects of a narcissist. We have freewill to choose which side of the coin we want to be. You want to be an empathic person but you are more custom to being the likes of a narcissist? Am I correct?
  5. And this is usually the beginning of the downward spiral to the end. It's usually things we say to hurt one another (in a dispute) that begins this decrease of attractiveness. Even after apologies unfold and everything is good again, it's still there, the thing that was said is still there and it's waiting. It's waiting for the next mishap to breach through to just pile on more grudges. Grudges come back if the problem arises again, and then you have the Big One and somebody has to leave because things are now over and everyone is sad and broken. Oh relationships, relationships... I just want to believe that we are coming to a point where sex is primitive in this age of enlightenment. Don't get me wrong, sex and love are great and I'm definitely a lover and for me it's all about my partner. I'm also getting over a recent break up and looking back, conducting analytics and interpreting the dynamics of the whole thing. I can tell you that the power is within the nonphysical connection you gain and have when two people love each other. Unfortunately, in this godless physical realm sometimes love is not enough and it's sad to a degree, if you will. We put ourselves in these unpredictable situations hoping that love will save everything.
  6. Interact with them more in the physical realm and their emotions will shift them in to the vibrational frequency tuned to your nonphysical self, thus causing a reaction physically and nonphysically.
  7. I've been told that I'm Arcturian before.
  8. Science vs Aliens Today I read an article that was titled "Stephen Hawking Afraid of Aliens" or something like that. And basically the article just unfolds Steve's beliefs about humanity encountering other beings from another habitable planet like ours. Here are some of his quotes: “One day, we might receive a signal from a planet like this, but we should be wary of answering back,” he in the documentary, “Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places.” “Meeting an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans encountering Columbus. That didn’t turn out so well.” He claimed alien life could be “rapacious marauders roaming the cosmos in search of resources to plunder, and planets to conquer and colonize.” Now my question is why is it that science is so far behind on detecting 'alien' life? In many social societies and belief systems of the new age, it is already believed that alien humanoid or shape shifting creatures are amongst us. To me, I believe that we are all from different places in the vast galaxy and universe. Meaning we all have an ancient's arrival here on Earth. My belief is that we are ancestors of ancient earth inhabiters. And if I still don't sound clear, I believe we are all Aliens. But none of this is new for most of us who read about this stuff and have heard of channelling. Heck, Teal teaches that all interdimensional beings are one in the same, if I'm not mistaking. This means aliens and angels are the same entities, which also compels me to believe that we are all interdimensional. Or at least at one point we had more knowledge and access to the ability.
  9. Angels or Aliens ? One night in May I was stopped by the police as I wandered on the beach in my underwear and T-shirt, merging with the electrons in distant galaxies and looking for God. I was not sure whether I was Hitler, Elijah the prophet, or King Lear gone mad. All I knew for certain was that I had surrendered my customary frames of reference and had chosen to trust a process over which I no longer had control.As the police asked me who I was and where I lived, I tried to come up with a story that they might accept. I told them that I was a doctor who was deeply concerned about the Obama healthcare plan, that I lived four blocks away, and that I needed to go home. I was certain that they were angels sent by the Lord to prevent me from disrupting the flow of energy in the galaxies with which I was merging. If God had sent them, then all was well; I could trust them.Their police radio said something that included the words "seven four." They were checking the seventy-fourth decimal place of their calculations; this was the precision they needed to be sure that all the electrons in the universe were still in place. They were, therefore, connected to the mind of God.
  10. I agree, I have an autistic friend or so.
  11. I was never one to like lables either. And yes, coming up with a goal and dream to focus all of your energy on can be challenging as well.
  12. @Andrea Barrett thank you so much for contributing to this thread. You have made some really great points while also validating me. You are absolutely right about 'narcissism' being the shadow aspect of 'empathic' people. And one shouldn't invalidate the other as they are each on the opposite side of the same coin. I have always believed that human nature has the ability to be on either side of the vast same spectrum of any two aspects. For instance, an Empath can very well be on the extreme side of the spectrum as a narcissist and visa versa. It's all determined where we choose to be. So, I absolutely agree with you 100%. We shouldn't be too hard on the narcissist because all Empaths have that aspect and I feel like most if not all, like myself have taken advantage of having that dormant aspect when in a desperate situation at one point or another. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Thank you!
  13. Eggplant rocks if you fry it for Eggplant Parmesan! @walt
  14. @Majda Thank you for your response. I am glad you could relate to the topic. I am also currently going through a depressing state, yet I'm making some progress climbing out of it almost subtly. At least the utterly profound feeling of despair has almost subsided with the help of a bipolar depression antipsychotic and anxiety meds. I don't like taking meds because it interferes with my enlightenment but so does the depression. I've experienced this state many times in my life and have been diagnosed. I miss my times of feeling connected, aligned and balanced. On the other hand, don't quit life, there is a reason for your low mood. It's something that I need also remind myself. Have you experienced any heightened moods? Or at least a feeling of wellbeing if not euphoria? You haven't always experienced depression? Is it a cycle or comes along when triggered with life events? The reason for these questions: we've all heard the teachings from our favorite spiritual teacher or guru that life is balanced with positive and negative energy, and this includes our moods. I once explained it with the concept of an EKG, you can't measure the high spikes without the low ones as well, otherwise it would flat line. Life would be bland and boring without a blend and balance of pain and comfort. I know it's hard to believe this to be so, but it is and no it makes no sense to be compelled in this life to endure suffering. But in a way it does if you believe that we are spiritual beings in a human experience not the other way around. This is a small fraction of our whole existence. We must surrender our customary frames of reference and choose to trust a process over which we no longer have or ever had control. continue to meditate and believe in your gifts and let your gifts and other supernatural experiences be a reminder to you that you are much much more than this life. You are a great being, and powerful. Trust in the process and allow yourself to have comfort in knowing that you are experiencing something that you are greater than. Try and use this time of depression to find truth in a spiritual sense. Know that nothing is what it seems. Use your mind to formulate your desired reality. Arrange your beliefs in such a way that you just let life take it's course without any resistance, remember we are not in control like the ego wants you to believe. I hope this has helped and I would like to keep in contact. Remember that there is no darkness, only an absence of light. Thank you, you have helped me in a way. This may be a great opportunity to talk about our feelings, I too shut myself off to the world when depressed like now. love and light
  15. Black is neutral, maybe you are neutral. I like black too.