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  1. LucyMad


    Love and cater to my significant other properly, the way I feel for them and want them to be smothered by my love. Actually doing fun recreational shit, going outside more often. Starting my own business. Reading more books.
  2. LucyMad


  3. LucyMad


    Cuddle with my love.
  4. LucyMad


    Consciously: My darkest fears. Subconsciously, internally: giving little to no fucks about societal norms, hating human race/society whatsoever. I know, I know..
  5. LucyMad


    About MY reality? Negative things about myself that aren't true, that I have internalized, Im rejecting. Probably that I'm not ready for a relationship l, the feelings I have for my new partner are very strong. Reality in general is way too harsh for me: that you cant expect others to be compassionate with eachother, for example. (I honestly probably skip reality very often, living in my own world, on a different planet) I dont know.
  6. LucyMad


    That everything has to be working out perfectly RIGHT NOW. Or I'll go on scapegoating beeing active at allXD Probably perfectionism. That I should be done with certain things until a certain time, or else I probably forgett all things I need to get done. ...... lolololololol...... Nothing left to say.
  7. LucyMad


    Right now I'm scapegoating being activeXD Though action truely is not the problem. It is me not beeing my own queen, not beeing engaged in things Ide like to engage: such as making money. Beeing engaged in things that right now dont serve me that well probably. I feel the need to realign, refocus internally.
  8. LucyMad


    rest safety clearity organisation peace and quiet wholesomeness
  9. LucyMad


    Id go somewhere into nature where only few people are, Ide go collecting plants to eat, and also collect rubish/waste, if I find some. Ide go into nature writing, probably also take my guitar along. Probably near by a lake so Ide also could go swimming and as that rural nature I'm thinking of, is probably to far away, ide probably do that in the city, and also visit the library, cause its quite there. In the evening I would look out for free jam sessions or local bands that play for free, and talk to people. Very chill. I'm sometimes anoyed by all the non eatable plants in the city, only planted for 1 year and only for they eyes.
  10. LucyMad


    Anything I condemn as negative.
  11. LucyMad


    That I'm bad, others think I'm bad.
  12. LucyMad


    My resistence
  13. LucyMad


    Oh such a pitty, oh so useless, oh so in vain. It allways seemed like it was her fault but, but probably it wasn't. Its hard to tell. Shes been fighting throughout her life, she was never given the circumstances to live this life anyway. May she rest in peace. Yo gunplay stayodone.
  14. LucyMad


    Jonas, my fear of us not beeing able to hold up a relationship because of our illnesses, because of other people, or us moving away from eachother. Also my fear of beeing hurt by him, or beeing a bad girlfriend myself. Not beeing able to feel for instance. Loosing the love I have. You can express things without words, words are used to often and are able to kill the spirit of the fire within tge heart. Also advice placed in the wrong setting. (wich is 1 reason generally people are masked and closed)

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