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  1. This was beautiful. Bravo to this woman for being so brave!
  2. Pia llama

    3rd Eye Minerals

    moonstone makes me a bit edgy, a restless feeling of being overcome by a barrage of emotion, both mine and other peoples. Ive not had very good results wearing it. since i was a kid i used to try to open my third eye, before i really understood what that meant and looked like. I left that practice since i felt too heady afterwards. In later years I tried to redirect the energy to heart and an underdeveloped solar plexus.
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    The fact that I got to leave the country when it’s been so difficult for others. Extending my family to include my partners. Being in a place with clean air, water, food, streets. Having my own room for the first time in my life at 28. Being able to video call my friends and family when I’m missing them which wasn’t something that would’ve been possible years ago. Being supported materially in many ways. Having more time and space for myself. Being able to love and be loved.

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