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  1. Mind's Eye

    Thanks everyone again to everyone who contributed to this discussion. I did some very deep shadow work resonantly and discovered that I did not value myself so I was looking for someone to do it for me. I also found that I was ashamed of my own masculinity. I was being "nice" just to get people to give me value. I now see the value comes from within and that you have to value yourself first before you can receive or give value.
  2. Mind's Eye

    @Garnet I like how you made a list of each type of attraction and how each part fits into the relationship. I didn’t know that each one played into the other. I have only been in 5 relationships in my life and was barely able to stubble through them. The longest one I’ve had is six months. I’ve always thought it’s something you’re born with or you’re not. And I’m definitely not or I at least do feel like it. Idk how I was able to get the 5 that I had. Luck I guess. Sorry for being so negative about this. It’s something that makes me very nervous and I’m very insecure about it.
  3. Mind's Eye

    @mai-da Thank you so much.
  4. Mind's Eye

    Hmm. My mom does that sometimes but it feels like it’s to manipulate you not to love you. Then when she gets mad, doesn’t get her way, or you do something a different way than what she wants (in her words the wrong way cause only her way is right) she absolutely looses it. It’s always at random like the flip of a switch. Instead of asking for something she will bark out commands, say that she did nothing wrong, and will put the blame on you. She will basically beat you up with words. She has always been this way and I don’t see her changing anytime soon. After what she said to me this morning I’m going to get my own place again, whatever it takes. I don’t want to be around her anymore. Could you give an example of what that would look like? I’m having a hard time seeing how that would look.
  5. What do healthy relationships look like? I come from a home where everyone is yelling at each other a lot and I always feel that I have be on guard, emotionally. Always having to defend myself from verbal attacks. It’s almost always from my mom. When she is mad she lashes out especially if she is not in control or if something is not done her way. Any way, I want to ask people on here for examples of what a healthy relationship is suppose to look like.
  6. Mind's Eye

    Click here for a link to the rules.
  7. Mind's Eye

    I have found this to be helpful.
  8. Mind's Eye

    I absolutely believe that both men and women can feel ashamed about sex and their sexually. I have been through this too. You are definitely not alone on this. I'm 32 and I'm just now finally accepting that sex, wanting sex, and that some women want me in this way is okay. I feel that society put way too much pressure on people. Ask yourself what is it that I want. Then you can find someone who is looking for that. Then have fun and be safe. Btw if this feels short it's because some of these things I'm still working on myself.
  9. Mind's Eye

    Thank you everyone for the support and for sharing your breakthroughs. I have another to share with you. I have accepted the fact that I have anxiety and it's not a "bad" thing. You want some but too much isn't helpful either. It's about keeping it in the middle and if you mess up try again a different way.
  10. Mind's Eye

    Hello Zoe. Nice to meet you. I fixed my car this weekend. I'm pretty proud of myself. I feel very productive. I got a lot done. I have a dog and a cat. Chase and Bob. How about you? What did you do this weekend?
  11. I had major breakthrough last night I was really depressed yesterday evening and I was really beating myself up with my thoughts. I was at the bottom. I did something different this time though, I asked asked myself why I thought this way. My very next thought was "cause you're a piece of shit". Latter that night I used the restroom and for some reason I looked down and then I looked at myself. I did a few times and thought I look nothing like that then it hit me I'm not a piece of shit. I keep saying it over and over. For the first time I was okay with myself. So when you're feeling down and that little voice is beating you up ask it why. I hope this helps you along your journey call life. Have a great day.
  12. Mind's Eye

    Thank you everyone. I now understand why my mom does the things she does. It's the only way she knows. When she is run down the way she recharges is by taking energy from others; then her ego justifies her behavior by denial and by playing like she is victim. I find this reliving.
  13. Mind's Eye

    I guess I should spend more time with people who are are at higher frequencies then.
  14. Sorry it's not Sarbdeep. It will with in two years.
  15. Mind's Eye

    I realize this morning after doing some shadow work that I was afraid of being judged and being punished if I was not a "good" boy. I was also ashamed of being a male, of my anatomy, and of my desire to be intimate with a woman. All very appropriate for a four year old. Thank you walt and Alex7