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    I recently watched a Ted talk with someone who came back with the clarity that love is the most powerful force, and to live fearlessly snd be who u r! I just so realize since I love myself BECUZ I love myself I am willing to put myself OUT THERE!!! I’m willing to be seen! I’m willing to look at my discomfort and feel it as I try new things!
  2. I LOVE THIS as a dancer my body and food (aka eating disorder as an insecure actress out of college) was my BIGGEST teacher realizing food as energy ... I Can see auras and translate thoughts that haven’t been spoken so am beginning to think I’m also “extra sensory” as the way teal talks about how she perceives others reminds me a lot of how I do... this is funny because I’ve been feeling very abundant and affirming “I eat well” the amount I spend on good quality food actually fills me w joy and empowerment and LOVE because SINCE I love myself a more expensive and QUALITY meal is actually more filling and in alignment w my desires to look and feel beautiful rather than cheap lower frequency stuff that I scarf down and is cheaper on my bank account The McDonald’s dollar menu vs one 24$ Truffle sushi roll that melts in ur mouth!! I just did a road trip to Utah and realized even tho I set an intention for quality food I was kinda hungover snd ate Wendy’s and thought “how do i eat healthy food on a roadtrip?? It’s so easy to eat a burger snd drive” AND I JUST DOWNLOADED THE CLARITY “Ppl who love themselves pull over, eat mindfully, give themselves a break from driving to Re-energize, and therefore eating a yummy salad or sushi is very easy!” I LOVE U TEAL!
  3. I first saw the clip on her Instagram “if it feels like abuse then it is and someone who loves themselves leaves the situation.... when you’ve chosen something better THEN do the healing work” I resonate with in the middle her saying even the wisest sages wouldn’t recommend u be so spiritual that u can just sit in the middle of a shit storm snd meditate. I attracted a man whose pain made him emotional abusive threatening to hurt himself if I left and that his triggers were my fault. I had moments where I so understood the chain of pain that in the moment caused his suffering that I would just try snd hold love and space for him but u just can’t try snd assert ur beliefs on anyone and he wasn’t yet asking for help. Wow. It just makes so much sense why I’ve been drawn to teal swan now in my life. Every syllable uttered has been my own journey and evolution of seeing my outside world reflect how mean and judge mental I’ve been to myself aka recreated the pressure to be perfect to receive the love I needed and desired. im so ready to deal snd heal and love all parts of myself DAMN THATS SO GENUIUS because I realize the mean parts of me are just fighting for love too and I can have compassion. And justified that it’s not my job to carry other peoples crap haha that’s actually loving and me being a healer practicing what I preach! I wouldn’t want my future daughter putting up w this why would I?!?! and that’s how I transformed my weed addiction. Eventually u just let urself smoke snd then smoking just becomes less interesting than hiking or pursuing other intentions and goals. just thank u teal!!! I see how my rocky childhood is going to give me the ability to heal and learn what I came to know so I TOO can pass on what has worked for me!!

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