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  1. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Okay, well truthfully this has got out of hand and veered away from the actual topic. Interesting. I wonder what this might mean? Let's take a look at ourselves and do some shadow work. We're being triggered for one reason or another. Hey everyone, can I also add that I have Tinnitus in my left ear and that has been intermittent for several years now. ALL THESE EAR PROBLEMS UGH.
  2. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Sure, there may be some subconscious issues or reasons behind this, but saying it's self-inflicted makes it sound as though I made a conscious effort to have this problem. I had just as much of an input with this as a kid with epilepsy does. There's a reason we attract these things, but I can guarantee it's nothing to do with being mad at something else and displacing my anger...
  3. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Ah, I see. What you're describing is very different to what I'm going through. Misophonia is a neurological condition. It works the same as someone epileptic being triggered by flashing lights and going into a seizure. My response to noise is sudden, does not require judgement and is an instant trigger to set off a jolt response. It's more than just annoying. It feels like someone's burning my skin with a hot piece of metal. Every time they put it back on my skin in the same place, it hurts more and is an instant reaction to the pain.
  4. Jessica Marie Blaine

    HELL YES. Construction sounds deeply, DEEPLY, DEEEEEPLY disturb me. They enrage me. It feels like my auric field is being slashed.
  5. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Oh thanks Garnet That's incredibly sweet!
  6. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Thank you Alex, that was helpful!
  7. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Majda, I found your response very useful. Thank you so much for that. I needed to hear it and I'm so thankful. I will take a look at contacting that woman and also perhaps speak to a Completion Process Practitioner and get some help with it in that process.
  8. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Thank you for your response, Alex. I agree with what you've said and understand. My sister has Asperger's Syndrome so I do know that she went through sensory issues because of it. Now I know I don't have those symptoms but I do have the sensory issues. Thank you again. How do you think the second paragraph of what you wrote might directly relate to my questions?
  9. Jessica Marie Blaine

    Misophonia (4S) & HSP Problems Hi everybody, I've got a very particular issue with processing sounds, and truthfully I struggle with it so much. It's one of my biggest set-backs. Literally nobody has been able to help me enough with this problem to the point where I was able to achieve any kind of clarity with it or improvement. I have Misophonia, which means hatred of sound. It can also be called 4S, which stands for Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome. Certain sounds trigger me really badly, and instantly put me in fight or flight mode and I don't know why, because I'm not consciously thinking of any judgemental thoughts. I just panic when I hear chewing, or nails clipping, or sound coming through walls, or sound leaking out of somebody else's headphones... Misophonia tortures me and also comes along with so much guilt and confusion, because I feel like I can't function around certain sounds and it creates relationship trouble. Things would be much easier for me if I weren't so sensitive. But, on top of this, I'm a HSP, which means Highly Sensitive Person, and this means basically a whole other array of things create intense distress for me, mostly relating to the external sensory, but emotions too. Does anybody know from a spiritual perspective what this might mean for me and how something like this has manifested for me? Anybody know what it might be representing and how I can clear it from a spiritual level?
  10. Love your Top watercolor photo<3