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  1. Are you a fox that feeds the worms, or, like a fox, do you sit tall, proud and beautiful just because you are a fox? What would a fox that loved itself do?
  2. The division began when the politicians of Europe did not listen to the plight of their people and, as they and big business feathered their own nests, they insisted the poor suffered the effects of their austerity measures. If Europe was 'working' there would have been no need for a referendum. If European political policy means poverty, lost generations, unemployment, raping all hope from Greeks and Italians, then I fail to see a benefit in that kind of unity. Kindness to migrants 'after the fact', is a pathetic excuse for a serious and massive lack of foresight towards the care of other Middle East nations; if we were genuine and caring as a people we would have ensured these people were adequately cared for before they felt the need to flee their homes and families. The vote to leave is a positive and defiant message to those politicians that their inactive and greedy rule does not reflect the hearts of the people. We in the Uk love all people, let us now show the world that our empowerment is the empowerment of love, not greed, not fear, not austerity, but positive forward movement.
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