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  1. I didn't mean to say it twice lol, i think i put copy and paste twice on accident.
  2. okay, each of us our god right? so each of us are a projection existing at a single point, but nobody is higher or lower, we are just a projection of god/source. So because everything you see outside of you is you and coming from within you you can create whatever YOU want, but we are all here co creating but that doesn't take away from the fact this is YOUR projection coming from within you, your heart is the guide in this projection and its individual for everyone, so nobody outside of you can tell you what's best for you if you are listening to your heart(higher self). Even when we are around people or you go on facebook any social media thing you are seeing other peoples projections their "truth" what they value, but it's nobody outside of you can tell you what's best for you if you are listening to your heart(higher self). Even when we are around people or you go on facebook any social media thing you are seeing other peoples projections their "truth" what they value, but it's THIER truth, not yours, you can pick and choose what resonates with you because it's your projection, you are god/source experiencing this life fully. When we don't love ourselves or listen to our heart(our compass) we allow people to be god for us, parents do this to us, the kids actually make the parents grow, they feel like god because technically they are god in the animal part of us, you love your parents so they have this control over you, programs of I know what's best for you, when your higher self knows what's best for you, not your parents that think they know what's best for you, so they will project all THIER fears onto you, THIER patterns they didn't heal within themselves. Mirror the fuck out of her, it goes both ways, yes they get triggered, but nobody is exempt from growth and expansion. You are god, you are love, so listen to your heart and those conversations get heated but you grow 100% doesn't matter if they are your parents, they aren't god, they can program the kid to think that, but this is all you, your reality, you don't have to overlap their truth with yours at all. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Okay you don't give your heart to anyone, it stays with you, if you have to give your heart to someone that's under the old model of relationships. We feel love and attach boxes in boxes, meaning to these emotions we feel and put rules on them from relationships we seen around us. Relationships are good, but it has everything to do with you, you are attracted to them because it's suppressed in you, they actually bring that out in you. You will be naturally guided to people or be attracted to people that have that trait you suppressed in yourself, but it has nothing to do with the relationship, its with you. Becoming aware of why you are with this person, what are you getting out of it? Can you see beyond this? We love control so when something doesn't go right we freak out, when life is very random, if they don't text and you start assuming things that aren't true, all that will come up if you haven't healed it, because we love control, we can't just let things happen. Listen to your heart, and even if you feel the opposite (repel) listen to your heart, that's still your heart. your heart serves you so if you give your heart to someone you just handed over your power, your compass in life, horrible idea, keep the heart lol, I know these are just words, but you know what I'm saying.
  4. @Garnet what does it say about migraines if you don't mind looking. Thank you!
  5. I enjoy swearing sometimes, and it can be misinterpreted or come off a certain way. my true self doesn't care too much for being politically correct or pleasing people to get them to like me, I know my intentions and what I see and I was just expressing how I felt in that moment, like if I ask you how do racists make you feel? someone who really believes they are superior, we could give an enlightened answer but on a bad day its like trigger trigger trigger explode, I wasn't triggered that's just how I felt, I'm not sure what I wrote. I am connected to my soul, and how that comes out in words I could change to please a certain demographic, but if I express fully I will swear, I'm not trying to be in the box of what spiritual means or should look like or what "enlightenment" is and have the sanctimonious façade going on, as far as I know the whole spectrum of emotions exists in all of us, they don't bother me and swears don't bother me, how that comes off could be misinterpreted because of the meaning you attach those words, to me they are fun to use, I could not use them, but its fun sometimes.
  6. I'm a evolve addict so that means I get rid of addictions and feel the emotions and change the beliefs, also a old ass soul, think of a thick ass book(multidimensional book) and one of those pages being this life, more like 1 letter in one of those pages being this life and that soul has all of that experience in it, but the human is scared, the body I am in my ancestors bullshit has a lot of low self worth and not good enough beliefs, so I have to heal that for this whole bloodline. I also don't like regurgitated information I'm like people it's all in you you should be able to freestyle this shit. So this new saying the twin flame, beyond the words it just means that unified field awareness, knowing your soul and clearing so many layers to even recognize yourself and when you do reach it to find yourself even that "union" does not work in the old model of relationships, these "twinflames" which is an awareness its meant to bring that new template for everyone soul to soul connections, that's what it means beyond the word, and I found mine 3 years ago lol same soul, different body. Yeah I resist being a pioneer down here, a volunteer soul. I know who I am but expressing that is another and being around unconscious people is rough, not making spiritualty your new religion but knowing this shit from within, you have a question you ask yourself or your higher self guides you to someone and that's still you guiding you. That's what I resist Rob, the ancestors bs that comes with having a body.
  7. Resistance is very real around a society that evolves very slowly, anyone that is a pioneer will meet resistance. Teal is ahead of her time, not even ahead of her time just this is common sense and we lost it, it's like you dumb fucks we are multidimensional, the authority in me(soul/god/source) says we are, I can't prove this to you if you haven't even found it in yourself. If you only exist in your mind and have a great powerful brain but emotionally dumb, it's a waste of a brain, your compass is your emotions it doesn't give a fuck what you think, the brain is a tool listen to your god damn heart! To me spirituality is just life, its not faith or peace of mind it just is life, it's interwoven with reality, and anything "spiritual" would be a less dense reality, the pineal gland is the antenna, why this isn't know and taught to kids? no fucking idea. Why is there a hierarchy of knowledge? 1st grade learns this, 3rd grade learns this, just give it all to them god damn it! kids are not dumb, they will thrive in any subject they pick and move onto the next, they will have no accreditation in this system, but smart as fuck. That's my resistance what I know is invisible, and even my own inner guidance only exists to me lol to explain that to a atheist mind it's like you fucks plateaued, stay in your community. Also we fluff up spiritually to the point it isn't taken seriously, we are in this reality, stop with the fairies, lets get back to emotional trauma and relationships, normal healthy relationships and teach that shit young, but than again when someone is it change not connected to their soul they will fuck it up. When nobody is in charge who is in charge? when we all listen to the authority within(source) who is in charge? this current system doesn't allow us to listen to that so you will see people get sick and drop like flies, especially the sensitive ones, zoom out and see humans as one entity the "normal" ones are the ones listening to their own internal guidance system(soul/source) no matter what the outside says, but we have fractured aspects so there are parts of us that still need approval outside of us, parts of us scared as fuck to step into our power. That was all over the place, it wasn't premeditated, never is.
  8. from my experience the higher self which is the higher aspect of you doesn't care what the ego thinks it wants, like my ego could say I want a Lamborghini based on the influence of the people around it to get their validation, the thoughts are one layer, the guidance system is another, what the soul desires will override what the ego wants, because the ego doesn't want it, it just thinks it does, it doesn't feel what it really wants. The soul mate was an example to show the steps that need to happen to get the end result. if you need to unblock a couple things in your life to get the ideal mate it will make those people attractive on purpose to orchestrate what you desired, what you were asking for. I did have a old notebook maybe 3 years old and I wrote a list of what I wanted and yeah I ended up getting a lot of it, based on what I want, not what I think I want based on societal pressure/influence. If you desire it chances are it will manifest, because the universe wants to expand as much as you and you desiring something is it desiring something, so it will make it happen, based on your own inner guidance not outside permission. When people say how to manifest it sort of coming from the same place of I want to manifest 1 million dollars, it's like but what do you want to do when you get that million? The freedom it gives you, variety of choice? if you really desire it it will manifest but if its what you expect to want but inside don't care for it, it wont manifest, that's why its individual for everyone, we all value different things, some knowledge, experiences, vehicles, travel, whatever it is, only they can know this from within, but if they aren't tuned into it they don't know where to start.
  9. I was answering the "But HOW it works".
  10. Okay so we are not all the same, think of source being white light and all of us the rainbow, all those different aspects of god/source. Only our own inner guidance can tell us who we are and what to do, the mind and thoughts are not everything, you understanding all this from a intellectual level doesn't help at all, you have to know your emotions and heart which is your soul, your higher self. the thoughts think for everyone else and want outside validation meanwhile ignoring this internal guidance system that is within them. your emotions are just emotions its the meaning we attach to these emotions that makes them good or bad, the traumas is what makes us prevent from doing that same action that caused that emotion. Your soul does not work in words or language it doesn't give a fuck what you think the guidance will always be there, its the meaning we attach to these feeling that mess us up, like say you love someone and attach this meaning to it, this is my soul mate, this is how love should look, if you love me you treat me this way, all added stuff from the brain, the brain wants control it cant just allow stuff to happen, your higher self is the one guiding you in life, it doesn't give a fuck about outside information it guides you, YOU, not anyone else, so someone outside of you telling you who you are when you are listening to your higher self isn't listening to theirs otherwise they would let you be. If you love to read or paint or be In nature or talk, whatever it is and it feels good that's your inner guidance and it will be motivated to go towards people and pull away from people, but if you are stuck In the mind trying to understand this from a intellectual perspective you won't get it, because you have to feel it and let go of control. Also lets say you find a type attractive, and ignore your inner guidance and keep doing the patterns you aren't learning, you are attracted to certain people on purpose because we are all magnets, so you change your inside the magnet changes, its like changing beliefs in these relationships to move beyond your current situation. you might have to go through 5 shitty relationships before finding one that fits, but your asking is what makes your higher self clear these things in you through other people or an experience, it's just guiding you. It knows you better than you. you will also be guided towards people that resonate with you and they will teach you something all being orchestrated by your higher self, does that make sense? Its personal for everyone, so don't compare.
  11. Express fully and see who stays and leaves, but listen to your guidance system, its the higher aspect of you that can see beyond this human experience guiding you telling you who to go towards and who to pull back from, beyond words, and the niceness, listen to that, feel it I should say. Unless you are troll fucking around then keep having fun I guess, did you catch any fish if you are? Any friendship or the one your lover whatever will reflect everything back to you, and unless they are willing to see it they will come back with an attack, so let people attack you, the ones that don't learn from those triggers, it's good shit. People can only meet you at their level of awareness and the rest is projecting.