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  1. Alex7

    Humanity isn't source, its one aspect of it, just like there is a collective consciousness of birds, dogs, jelly fish, mushrooms, plants, aliens etc. Even if humans warship a being calling it god even that isn't source, its a being fucking with humans telling them to sacrifice each other, and the human because it isn't connected to it's own connection to it's soul and source within, it will take this "gods" word and do what it says, like when people channel beings, those entities are real but everything is in a collective consciousness outside of source consciousness or unity consciousness which exists within every species. So humans are one expression of source energy. And we are a microcosm of humanity so everything you see is just a physical manifestation of a potential that exists within us(humanity)in this mirror hologram. The original meaning of love and god isn't what it is now because people lack the connection with their soul and own connection to source to know where that word came from, just like god became a man under the model of a patriarchy, people did this with god, its a watered down version of the original because of the disconnect from their soul that knows all of this and their own connection to source that exists within all species. Source consciousness in a body recognizes it is everyone so it wouldn't hurt itself, but because people aren't at that level of awareness as a whole they are able to kill and rape and do all these things, humans are an evolving race barely remembering they are god. It's not a belief, it's an awareness. People are still emotionally attached to their current beliefs(philosophies, religious dogma) so until they drop those it will be a watered down version of god, love, art, authenticity, relationships, sex, connection etc. for the collective.
  2. Alex7

    I don't worship Jesus or romanticize people like this, I don't build a story around someone to make them seen greater than they actually are, this is what religion is, people don't Believe they have power meaning knowing they are in their individual projection and are god/source/love/oneness/everything. Why is this concept hard for people to understand? We can debate "god" but this is known already, it's in you, everyone. Even the information of the law of attraction,, god being everything, the soul being multidimensional you name it is in us... I don't believe this I became aware of it and since my values are different than yours I can't manifest a Ferrari, because I don't care, my guidance system doesn't even desire it. Everyone has a shadow, everyone, even precious Jesus. This is a mirror hologram, fuck the science shit, they haven't even gone within themselves yet. every aspect positive and negative exists within us, we shame some aspects and praise others, but all are in us, We shame sex, drugs, killers, thief's, drop outs, homeless, etc. and praise wealth, looks, status, conventional education, followers, you get the idea. All of these aspects exist within us(humans) so to deny the Shadow is you being in denial, you will see a physical manifestation of killers. rapists, artists, singers, breatharians, ultra marathon runners, authentic people, you name it and all those aspects exist within you, doesn't mean you will do those things but its a potential that exists within you we are just different based on our own internal guidance system that makes us become the singer or artist based on following our emotions or resisting them, not what society says you should do or be over your soul. We aren't all the same, any aspect you have within you that you reject or suppress will manifest physically in your reality, the confrontational aspect of you, angry, "spiritual" whatever will come up In your reality because this is a hologram... thoughts create, any thought thought enough registers as a belief and when you have a belief that becomes a point of attraction no matter what it is and you will see outside information that confirms this, that's why truth is subjective, your reality is built around your own beliefs which become a point of attraction. Science can't touch(soul/nonphysical/god) this because its individual, even the information you get from within is all being filtered through beliefs and meaning you attach to certain words from just living life and it gets watered down but it is in everyone, it will just be explained differently depending on the persons "Filters". you are emotionally attached to the concept of jesus, just by how you talk about him but you cant imagine seeing yourself In that same light, this is what religion does, takes the power away from you and gives it to the external, when you are the source experiencing this life fully, whatever it is. I have a skeptical side in me too, but also a aspect that's know this, I observe the skeptic in me, but this is in us, not hard to get, but we have split aspects to literally everything, nobody is all light. To accept them all is to be in that unified field, which is a potential that exists within everyone and you will see a physical manifestation of that just like you do the killer. Have a good day, I was just fucking with you before because you come off as a troll, nothing personal. The mind still debates this but this is in us, we just live In a one-sided society disconnected from their emotions/nonphysical aspect. We evolve like snails because shit heads with an ego want to perpetuate their subjective "wisdom", when all this is old, super old, this society is just Mental/physical(masculine) without the emotional/nonphysical(feminine). To still debate if god/source is real means they still haven't integrated their feminine/nonphysical aspect, that's all that tells me. In the separate identity truth is subjective.
  3. Alex7

    I was having fun because you're a eagle with colored hair... it's not heated. I was replying to you not her. a Dog is god too, so its not that crazy when everyone is, you're the one attaching it to Jesus like powers, you add things I never say you just assume based on a word you attached meaning to, like "god" yes I am. so are you, now get triggered over that lol. no I cant manifest shit out of thin air.
  4. Alex7

    I never said that. I never said I rejected my "masculinity" these are just words. I don't wear beads just to get pussy and I don't edit how I speak just to get a like or whatever projection you have on me, I never said women have to be masculine. I'm saying you are emotionally attached to your beliefs and I'm saying truth is subjective when people are still In their ego, this isn't me saying ego is bad its just the separate identity, like people believe the earth is flat, but objectivlty it isn't, people can believe there is no soul but objecitvlty there is, even you correcting me is your own "Truth" subjective. I don't need your "approval" for me to express my "truth" You can throw all of these philosophy terns but these people think too much, you have a aspect that knows you are god, a soul, multidimensional but the skeptic in your or whatever is louder than that one, but both exist in you, you are just the skeptic or whatever label you want to use expressed physically. all those "spiritual" experiences and the shit head skeptic is still driving lol. I mean masculine is mental,physical, and feminine is emotional, nonphysical, god is internal and external, yin yang yada yada. it has nothing to do with man or women, male or female, both masculine and feline exist in all of us, And we live in a predominately "masculine"(mental) world. No I'm not a fucking feminist before you start.
  5. Alex7

    shhhhh let me put my troll hat on. Integrate your feminine nonphysical aspect fuck face, logic and thinking is limited. you wanting to make copies of your truth is you wanting control over other people. take some ayahuasca, stop listening to fake ass philosophes with an audience, listen to yourself that you ignore all the time. That was fun.
  6. Alex7

    okay labels and words alone don't mean anything, its the real meaning that was translated to words and we water it down with religion because we don't believe we are source so we give our own power away and warship outside of ourselves when all of us our god... The world currently is very masculine(not even the healthy kind) which is all thinking and in the mind, not in the emotions and knowing, they aren't aware emotions are a compass in life regardless what you believe, but truth is subjective so people are allowed to believe whatever they want. both male and female have both masculine and feminine in them, masculine is mental, physical and feminine is emotions and nonphysical, so how are people supposed to step in their power when they haven't even integrated both these aspects? they haven't even found god within themselves still looking for it externally. And the law of attraction is thoughts that are thought enough to make a belief and that belief becomes a point of attraction for information externally to confirm that belief no matter what it is, truth is subjective based on the law of attraction. objectively we can do much more, but we are limited by our beliefs. Christ consciousness is knowing you are god and everything external from you is actually inside of you you, there is no outside you are source in a single point and everything outside of you is actually a projection, distance, time, separation is an illusion in this construct, very real but it's illusion and very few actually step in their power and live their life following their joy which is individual. nobody outside of you can tell you what you enjoy and value if they do they want control and want their truth to be everyone's, but truth is subjective because each of us our in our own projection experiencing this life fully. if you don't believe me well we have split aspects so there will always be the skeptical side in you and the side of you well aware of this information that exists within you and everyone because everyone is god, accept both, listen to the one connected to source and observe the skeptic. yeah... religion is an excuses just so people don't have to step in their power and know they are god. Even the word god means something different for some people and say 'I couldn't possibly be god' because we create a anthropomorphic god and people run with it.
  7. Alex7

    now you have 2 more wishes. I'm joking Thankfully we live in the age of information and anyone could be educated in whatever area they want to learn and learn from the people who did do the world and learn what they know, like caring the torch n a way. We also have a heart which is your GPS in life designed just for you and if you follow it you will get the answers to all your questions. We live in a collective consciousness that is still ignorant when it comes to physical illness and because the subconscious is so strong it just agrees to that current belief everyone believes in subconsciously, because we couldn't possibly know from within what's the cause of our issues or root of the trauma all that. The body itself is intelligent but your soul is in this body right? there is memory attached to your body, so you can have all this soul awareness but still the body has memory in it, emotional trauma causing it to do this. Most illness is from the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system which is the stress chemicals and the fight, flight, or freeze state the bodies does, because we live In a fucking stupid society when it comes to emotional trauma we just assume these illnesses are random, but there is a core trauma behind it, behind most of them. And the subconscious has this confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance going on, the nocebo affect in play. Also this whole system has like a subconscious programming over it, legally people outside of that doing alternative medicine have to say go see a doctor. then they go back In the brain and subconscious and stop listening to their heart GPS guiding them beyond all the noise of this place still believing western medicine is superior and there couldn't possibly be another solution. Yes they can fix bones but are horrible at the root cause of illness from emotional trauma or your ancestors trauma passed down to you attached to this body.
  8. Alex7

    yeah, but she also said you feel depleted, in the "implosive" you don't feel that. play around with it I guess.
  9. Alex7

    let me correct myself I was expressing that thinking it was for a male, but if you aren't a male sorry lol.
  10. Alex7

    Okay you know this no fap thing people are doing? its a part of the masculine energy changing. It pretty much is just to master your sacral. Life force energy. The orgasm isn't the problem its the wasting this "life force" everyday. The no orgasm, abstinence if you will is to change your programming, getting rid of old programs of porn and sexualizing the female body and saying nice tits or ass or whatever it is people in those circles perpetuate. So because you don't have these programs the intimidation of a girl isn't there, there is no fantasy of them because you got rid of that program, if you speak to them they are normal people. It's pretty much getting your power back, if you just waste your "seed" you aren't getting your power, you are losing it, the orgasm isn't the problem it's wasting the life force. You can actually teach yourself tantra and have orgasms and it goes right back In your body, you lose nothing but still have the orgasm, and.... you can manifest with that orgasm. The Abstinence is just good to change the programming and hold that in you, see what that feels like to have your power back, its not to stay pure or whatever, its to master the sacral, and the tantra is not losing the semen at all it stays in you, so while guys are wasting their shit and putting it in toilet paper or wherever, the guy that keeps it who doesn't lose it because its his life force, so he has more power. How's that answer? I'm not saying sex is bad or porn is bad but you will have the awareness to know in alignment sex and out of alignment sex and you will just be turned off by the out of alignment sex. your heart will be the filter, and your heart can filter good sexual energy and bad. Divine masculine is rare as shit but its coming up lol. Evolution! here's a video to teach you how to keep the semen.
  11. Alex7

    What you desire is always coming towards you but it's the control we want, like I want the relationship to look like this this this, all specific, but it takes doing step 1,2,3,4,5 etc. to get what you want, Like the how part, how is this going to happen? the how isn't your job at all, because the universe is you it wants to expand and grow as much as you do, so whatever it is you desire will come. Also beliefs are like gravity, whatever you believe you are only a match to outside information that confirms that ball of gravity called your belief. Tv is horrible, it programs you, not all but most of it is programming just adding onto that belief subconsciously. You are only limited by your beliefs because they make you a match to outside information that confirm that belief no matter what it is and the rest is unseen by you. Beliefs are subjective and when you think a thought long enough it registers as a "truth" to you and becomes a point of attraction aka law of attraction.
  12. Alex7

    Spirituality is crazy under the model of this society, the religion of science. we aren't supposed to have a soul or have spiritual experiences or we're crazy, or you can have these experiences just don't talk about it lol. The world isn't just limited to western society and what it has to offer, other cultures are well aware of other realms and what god is, like indigenous people, but we are cut off from those experiences, so because the soul and god aren't supposed to exist in this box of beliefs it will be misunderstood. Maybe you got really good at raising your awareness and you don't have a solid map of reality so it's all over the place, disassociate in a way. you should write in those states and ask questions, see what comes through.
  13. If you follow your heart (your soul) its all being orchestrated for YOU, so if you listen to that yes. Everything becomes like a magnet, what you find attractive, the people, places, whatever, that's your higher self, even if you ask for a teacher or whatever, it will appear in your reality however that looks.