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  1. I thinks its because when we are kids we are still using our emotions and feelings, not so much mental and that sometimes turns off the older we get so now we are trying to remember a childhood from a intellectual point of view instead of feeling and connecting emotions and feeling with a past memory. they do come up, its just tracing it back from that original feeling. I remember being a kid remembering I want to say being a fetus, just flesh and weirdness, all those memories are still in you. just trace emotions back it will all come up.
  2. set the intension of meeting her in a dream and there you go lol ask anything you'd like. you don't have to go, you might get shit from your family but yeah you don't have to. Listen to your higher but know the evolving never ends, the desires never end, but if you love to read and watch movies do that. you changing for love outside of you isn't self love, you pretending to be someone you aren't to get someone to love you isn't self love, you get the idea, just listen to your own heart, your guidance in life.
  3. seeing it in person would be better, but just for that to exist would be interesting. it's the movie The Terminator first than The Matrix, so we still have time to enjoy the real world lol.
  4. it's cheap now to get technology, not a apple computer, but even a cheap tablet can connect you online. it's never black and white it's always grey and people can look up whatever they want online, Also there are apps that can allow you to watch videos that aren't allowed in your country (Opera VPN). Moore's law(not a real law) is ending, so technology will be accessible/affordable for everyone, next is neuromorphic chips, like a brain. Imagine a 360 camera on someone's head and thousands of people seeing it with a virtual reality masks, a tour in real time, a tour in Italy or Paris, and it's recorded, maybe that already exists and I don't know, but that's exciting, having the whole city mapped out and you can travel there in virtual reality, the new google earth lol. It already exists! those 360 videos in Italy and Paris, but to walk around the whole city in virtual reality would be amazing. America is so ugly compared to Europe lol we have ugly architecture.
  5. well rage is pretty crazy, I don't feel it a lot but that one is wild animal lol, that's the one people kill in, just blind with rage, I guess that's different than just anger. anger makes you stand up for yourself.
  6. I don't see spirituality as a belief system it's just objective truth, and yes you could say its all subjective when you are in that awareness but yeah, that's all spirituality is. No matter how many nonphysical beings and guides you have, they still aren't here in the physical, where its dense as fuck and we have human shit to deal with. like emotions and growing. I like to feel everything, so all emotions are fine in my book because its a part of the design, anger wouldn't be there if it wasn't beneficial. If everyone fit into this system it would never change, it would never evolve and evolving is a natural process of life. the pioneers always get the shit but it ends up being normal in the future. I cried yesterday listening to a podcast of a guy talking about his friend who died and than I was thinking how everyone will die and their life is just a story, and it ends. and I saw another video of a guy who hadn't seen is dad for like 37 years and he started crying so I started crying. also I don't watch tv or any fake shit, so I'm not desensitized, I feel everything fully. We are still In these physical bodies and growing on a soul level and as a collective also, but yeah, life is a mother fucker and hard sometimes, but you grow from all of it have experience that give you desires and you manifest those and desire more and it grows for your own souls benefit. Also the programming outside of you you don't have to follow, you feel peer pressure to do that, but you don't have to. you have the whole world open to you, not just your city or group of friends you grew up with, you have the world open to your and different cultures, thank god for the internet.
  7. bad eating habits from their parents, passed on. they don't even know other food exists, they know their world of junk food, not fruit, they know fruit snacks lol. oh lord...
  8. I was thinking if bad food affects kids... yes it does, milk is horrible for them, I've seen their teeth go to shit from milk and I've heard other people have this happen too. yes kids have a high vibration but the food also has a vibration.
  9. the mandela effect has this always been this way? I remember pink being spelled with a normal i not ! i switched timelines! when i saw it i was like that's not right... i see the old albums I'm like whaaaa? has it always been like this for you? or what have you noticed changed for you?
  10. I'm better at understanding, but what sounds good to me is Russian, south African accent is nice and French is nice, but I don't understand everything in French, and I don't know Russian or Zulu. you asked me to speak Spanish in the recording right? d'accord is okay. bisou is love or kiss? I know amour is love, but the way you used bisou was it love or kiss?
  11. coocoo mai da. I will not, it's bad, I understand better than I can speak it.
  12. French is some what easy to understand but cant spell it to save my life, all the silent letters are confusing.
  13. Love for sure is real but we are also experiencing our own individual lives experiencing separation. our soul is love, and when you reach it you understand the concept but still have a human self which still has issues and beliefs attached to the physical body, the ego and soul aren't integrated yet. the ego still protects itself and is selfish in a way, it cares about its survival over other people because its in survival mode. You can see everything in the perspective of source, which is the underline energy existing in everything learning from everyone and every perspective, but we are still here to learn, our soul is here to learn more than show love I guess, some peoples egos are stronger than their soul, and if you are at your soul awareness you understand all life is evolving, there is no end to it and you will naturally evolve on your own or you will be pushed by the universe for your own benefit in the end. We aren't at this oneness mind yet where we recognize each other as source, objectively that is true but we still have a ego with beliefs and programs build into it. We still don't trust each other with our pain and trauma, even though we are all feeling our own individual life fully, every emotion, every insecurity, every projection and belief, this is as separate as it gets but we are all more similar than different, at our core is source, at the core of everything is source, which is love, but just the word alone doesn't do it. Evolving is a natural process of life, and this current version of ourselves isn't permanent, it's not even who you think you are, it's always changing. Old versions of you will feel like past lives lol totally different person evolving like everyone else feeling this life completely all of it and learning through you and everyone. We come from love, we are here to evolve, and hopefully remember who we are, which is love. Still have boundaries of your own because this is your own universe, so love your universe, this is all you anyways, your heart guiding you in life. Authenticity is real unconditional love for you, only you have control of your own universe, which is you, respect your boundaries. Also when cats wake you up at night that is annoying, I love you but fuck you are pissing me off, let me sleep! lol cats don't really respect your boundaries lol.
  14. I didn't speak as a kid and I got held back lol. emotionally and energetically I could feel everything but I wouldn't talk and I was bilingual also, even though my Spanish has gone to shit, but I still understand it. also when you know 2 languages you also can understand bits and pieces of other languages like French, Italian and even Portuguese. if I didn't know English I think it would be easy to learn because there is so much entertainment in English, the movies, shows, music it's in English and you will eventually learn it. imagine a world of polyglots not just English being shoved in our face but all languages.