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  1. What makes for you a good story? Hi dear Tribe, I'm writing at moment on my new story. And I wanted to know what makes for you a good story , no matter if you are reading a fantasy, science fiction etc. I want to learn to be writer. And it really interested me what makes for a good story. i can't wait for you answers. much love Joey
  2. i love the song and the band
  3. listen to this lyrics makes me think.
  4. @Yury Milovidov Wow Thank you for your feedback. I'm trying to sharpen my tool. I think I get better. I hope I got everything right that you wrote.
  5. I just love this cover.
  6. wow really cool
  7. I listen to this since few days and i cant stop
  8. Nice to hear that dear Teal.
  9. love the lyrics
  11. great blog
  12. Thank you for nice answers made my day <3
  13. What makes art = art? Hi Tribe, My biggest passion is drawing and writing stories. With my art i's not always pleased. Because when I look at the drawings in the Internet , how detailed they are . It feels like my drawings are just seemed weak. So I want to know What makes art = art ? I would like to be artist ( cause I consider myself an artist) If someone could answer my question. it would be very nice <3 Here down below you see some paintings/ drawings I made.
  14. wow goosebumps
  15. love the movie and this song