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  1. Joeyc

    ama zing song about anorexia
  2. Joeyc

    just wow
  3. Joeyc

    someone like you _ My indigo just beautiful song put together in masterpiece. Ps Sorry i'm total fan of this and i cant stop listening to it
  4. Joeyc

    I can't stop listening to this
  5. Joeyc

    @Done Now Well write a lot and not every story gets finished. But most of the time I have a lot of ideas for story. Well what try will writing is to understand the characters stand point. So you could better understand them. Well if you interested in reading one of my stories to see how I write things down go to this Website ( it is german website but yeah) It is called There i put story up ( bascially the longest story I ever wrote) it is Called The Story of Dragonia and Livra
  6. What makes for you a good story? Hi dear Tribe, I'm writing at moment on my new story. And I wanted to know what makes for you a good story , no matter if you are reading a fantasy, science fiction etc. I want to learn to be writer. And it really interested me what makes for a good story. i can't wait for you answers. much love Joey
  7. Joeyc

    i love the song and the band
  8. Joeyc

    listen to this lyrics makes me think.
  9. Joeyc

    @Yury Milovidov Wow Thank you for your feedback. I'm trying to sharpen my tool. I think I get better. I hope I got everything right that you wrote.
  10. Joeyc

    I just love this cover.
  11. Joeyc

    wow really cool
  12. Joeyc

    I listen to this since few days and i cant stop
  13. Joeyc

    Nice to hear that dear Teal.