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  1. Alia

    I remember more of the dream if you would like to know the rest, I wrote it down because it was significant to me, but I still cant figure out why bugs and onions.
  2. Alia

    why would you think that?
  3. Alia

    I thought so, the rest of the dream was quite strange, I don't remember most of it, I still wonder what I might be trying to tell myself.
  4. Alia

    I had a dream one time that I was looking in the mirror at myself and I looked like myself except I had blue eyes, then my mirror self started talking to me and she said "we're going to go back in time and you need to be aware of 2 key words, bugs & onions". Anyway when I woke up I thought to myself, was that my soul self in the mirror talking to me?
  5. Alia

    Hey Teal, I am wondering if its the same vibration in southern Oregon? If not, would you say its similar, slight differences, or completely different? I'm getting the idea it might be completely different... lol anyway enjoy your time in Portland! It is like a sauna right now in southern Oregon!
  6. Alia

    When I read the end, I thought about the song sweet dreams, the chorus goes "some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused" funny how our cultures music matches the society .
  7. Alia

    same problem and when I try to log off it says something went wrong. please try again. Error code:2S119/1
  8. Ice ice baby!! This makes me so excited to attend these expos! I would love to start something like this in Oregon! If you have not read the series The Ringing Cedars of Russia, I would highly recommend it, there is a wonderful intentional community built around it.