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  1. Elisabeth

    This is soooo awesome!!!
  2. Elisabeth

    I've had the pleasure of working with Andrea in person several times, with her by my side I have been able to go deeper than I ever thought I would, and thought I was capable of, and she was right there with me with complete prescence giving me a feeling of being wholly understood and validated. She made me feel so supported. She is such a warm(like the sun ;)) and intuitive person and will creatively take the session wherever it needs to go in the moment. I would highly recommend working with her, especially if you need someone to be there with you holding your hand and facilitating healing and wholeness when you want to dive into your deepest core trauma's. She's a lion. <3
  3. Elisabeth

    I have worked with Margie for almost a year now with the Completion Process, together we have achieved so much healing I consider myself a different person because of it. Margie has amazing presence with me during the process and brings creativity and guidance into it too. She is flexible and ready to assist whatever comes up that day. For me having her with me there in the moment has been so healing and in addition I have learned the process myself and have grown in confidence applying it in between our sessions. I love her and would so recommend working with her! (also, she is a lot of fun! (: )