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  1. Filip Yo

    Who the fuck believes in evil spirits possesing people?! Wake up already dreamers. Also, I literally cant believe youre wearing a white shirt with that little gemini blue alien, in that video on the right, thats so sick! Thats another fucking shirt synchronicity, first one was when Blake wore the Homeland Security shirt, that was literally the same shirt my best friend (who looks alot like him) from childhood had hahaha. Fucking manifesting SH#T ! Feels good to be alive. And good post btw.
  2. Filip Yo

    Hey, heres an idea! So basically you feel like I = dangerous. And you choose to let go of I?? Why dont you let go of dangerous instead????? It would make you feel good about your I.
  3. Filip Yo

    PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE TEAL READ THIS! Chill out or youre gonna get fucking shot some day. Thats what you are risking here. Your life. Id rather see a living breathing Teal than a dead one. - get this TATTOOED in you MIND & in your BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS I care about your life, cause you clearly dont. My advice to you, as an individual and a supporter is to learn how to live a quiet, balanced life, doing what you love & dont grow your career any further. And dont get caught in you past behaviour patterns. Stay out of that! Discipline Girl! Discipline! And fuck Ayahuasca! You dont need that shit to heal. I can relax all of my layers of attachment with one 15-35 min meditation & you can too.
  4. Filip Yo

    I was like YES!!! She finally figured it out! That was a great blog, I enjoyed reading it! You just keep being you & doing your thing! OK? And enjoy some Costa Rican lush lifeforce for me, Im a f*ckin lifeorce-deprived-environment-living Aries, but I dont allow it to break my spirit! I use places like Costa Rica for inspiration for my music. Gonna go there once for sure! LIFE 100% Peace!
  5. Filip Yo

    Yo yo yo Teal, would be EPIC if you could astral project into Final Fantasy 9, that was my childhood favourite video game, I was totally consumed by it. Would be awesome to hear your thoughts on it lol. If you cant or dont want to its fine. Have a good day! btw cool blog post
  6. Filip Yo

    Final Fantasy 9 is all i gotta say! Pretty similiar story with the crystal, but I identified to a different character Zidane & Freya were mah homies free spirited warriors all the way Oh, and I think its your birthday today, so Happy Birthday Teal !