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  1. Lots of love from Austria^^ thanks for your beauty and perspective
  2. Kiran


    I would get a big car to comfortably sleep in and just go for a ride, see where this would take me^^
  3. Kiran


    I wish for everyone to have a basic human right income with no strings attached. So they can have their basics coverd and are free to do what they like with their time
  4. Kiran


    I would wish that my parents would be free from their pain of past/future, that they suddenly know how and can live joyfully in their own unique way. That they maybe healed
  5. Divine timing Thank you
  6. Kiran


    The flow of the moment
  7. Kiran


    I wanted help to construct my guidance system. To know in which way i want to dance. Not to necessary follow it. But to have a point of reference on which i can make my decisions. This question makes me see the part of me that wants guidance is also having issues taking ownership my path. Sometimes i am lazy and for me taking ownership is energy consuming. It feels like i have to carry the weight of [my] world. Why is it like that? Perhaps i have a resistance towards taking myself lightly.. [Ganz normale Angst" maybe i am afraid that if i don't take it seriously, i'm not worth it. But i don't have to take it seriously"heavy", just fully in its wholeness. With what i know/what i don't know
  8. Kiran


    I love to do nothing for them. I love to be a shining light for others lightening their way by being authentic and myself. I love it when they can ask me to help them heal. I love it when i lift others up by simply being myself. By fighting, by relaxing- by meditating, by playing, by dancing. But never for them!

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