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  1. Love your travel blogs. Also looking forward to the Munich one. Don't hold back with the bashing, gurl!
  2. Okay, this is a really stupid comment, but I just woke up and I had a dream about you and Ale. I haven't even read the blog entry yet, I just went to this site to see if there was a new blog entry that I could comment on like a maniac, and there actually was. I don't wanna be a dark Nostradamus type of person, and I consider myself to be more on the rational side of spirituality. But just 5 min ago I had a dream of you and Ale going to some kind of event. In the dream I watched the video about the event, after it happened. There were two of your haters, dressed up "as hippies" to "fit in". And they shot Ale. God I hate writing this and it's probably stupid as I know dreams are of the subconcious, but this was just so weird. I've never believed that your hate groups are actually dangerous, I think they're doing what is right in their mind. And this was just so random, and even though the most important thing about dreams are the emotions you're having, the emotions that can come to surface during dreams because when awake, they're surpressed, this dream was weirdly emotionless. It was more like a reportage and after it told me what had happened, I woke up right away (ca 9:45 am here). And to make this clear, I'm not an obsessed stalker that dreams about you all the time. Anyways. In the dream Ale died and he fell, and you fell with him, because you were in shock, and the crowd freaked. It's it so horrible because Ale looked so goddamn innocent. All happened outdoors, as you were walking down a hill. And it made you cancel all your planned workshops. Anyways, again, not trying to be dark or a Nostradamus tryhard. It was just all so weird and when I woke up, I was actually so scared. All I wanna say is, and I never thought I'd say this: Please be careful. Of haters. Or other things. Please take care of your security, please don't hesitate to conduct all secutiry measuremts possible. AGAIN, I do not wanna be scary, I don't think I'm a prophet, I don't think anything like this is gonna happen just because someone dreamed it. But when it comes to security and awareness, being cautious can't be a bad thing. I'm sorry if this just sound silly to you but I just had the strong urge to tell, just to make sure. I actually had other things goung on in my mind and have no idea where this was coming from. EDIT: Just read the blog entry. When I wrote this comment I thought, I bet this blog entry is coincidentally about haters, and it is.
  3. I think there is one logical flaw in this: If you say that healing your relationships with others will also heal your inner world and relationship with "God", that would also mean that healing your inner world and relationship with Source (Well, it's the same actually) will heal your relationships on the outside. Works both, inside out and outside in. The reason that a lot of spiritual people say "you gotta heal yourself first' is that people who are not whole/healed or have a connection to Source can experience an inner void. This leads to a craving that they can only fill up by socializing. You know the difference between a craving and a healthy desire. If the need for relationships is based on a void then it's likely to grow issues. I see this all the time. However if you don't feel a craving and instead a natural desire, then your relationships are more likely to be free from subconcious void bs as well. It's when you're super attached to something and desperately need something, that's most often when in your reality that exact thing won't work out very well. Why? Because the natural manifestation energy desire was hijacked by your void/subconcious or shadow as you or Jung would call it. I feel like people who have trouble with relationships and thus try to flee from them in general will feel a slight trigger by what you say, yes, but people who have a craving for other people and can't by all means stay by themselves for a view days without craving others will feel slightly triggered by the "it's all inside you" method that you condemn. If all is one then it works both ways, but when looking around me I see more cases of people that have troubed relationships because their relationship to themselves is incomplete, than people who have troubled relationships because they are fixing their relationship to themselves first. So personally I prefer "insdide -> out" rather than "outside -> in". The latter becomes a problem when spiritual people are gonna tell you that real life relationships mean nothing, or that they're not as valuable as your relationship to God, or even that you should avoid them. They're both the same. But here's the thing: Because 1. We're incarnated into animal bodies and 2. We're all more or less infiltrated by the subconcious, in this reality other people will NEVER ever meet all of your needs. Let alone because in worst case, they could change tomorrow or even be gone. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't trust them, more like the opposite. Because you're not super attached to the idea that that person is completely gonna soothe all the inner struggels that you'd have felt when on your own, or perfectly meet all your needs, there's no reason to distrust them in the first place. That makes you free to love them without expectation. And they will love you as good as they can, but if you are dependent on them and crave someone who fills a void that can't be completely filled from the outside (because inner void), then that sets you up for hurting others and getting hurt. A microcosm of this is a person trying to have their needs met by binge eating. Food is also part of God, but still there's a difference between filling the void from Source within or by filling your void by Source energy in form of chocolate ice cream. In that sense, relationships with other people can be a compensation method, too. Relevant quote from C.G.Jung's Red Book: "Solitude is true only when the self is a desert. Should I also make a garden out of the desert?"
  4. I agree with what you say here. I also think it would be beneficial if arguments of the "anti-tealers" would be adressed. In fact there's nothing wrong with being skeptical about spiritual teachers, as many of them were dangerous, as you know yourself. Therefore, instead of seeing them as something bad, why not jump into the shadow and reply to the things they say. Have a logical disscussion, like scientists have when facing opposition. We need both perspectives. I really think it would expand people's way of thinking. The argument "you shouldn't give them attention" from people who want you to ignore it all has no logical base or benefit whatsoever.
  5. It's funny, I always thought her vibe was more European than American
  6. Oh yes, the things you said about figment and how some people create this fictional belief and can't distinguish it from reality and don't examine it, aka "I'm 100% the reincarnation of RA and the chosen one" is very true and I'm happy to see that you're not one of them. There are a lot of spiritualists who think rationality is evil and therefore stop questioning. This exact "figment" is why spirituality seems "wacky" to some and why people can't make sense of it (legitimately) even though it's super logical. But this gives me hope in the movement. Hopefully spirituality and rationality will get more balanced and therefore more accessible to the mainstream.
  7. Probably one of my favorite blogs. "It is very dangerous to not be aware of the activity of your own ego. It is especially dangerous when you are not aware of the activity of your own ego when you are a spiritual teacher, with thousands of people looking to you for guidance. " Thank you ^ And thanks for being authentic and logical with the Ego. Ironically, people who condemn the ego and act like they've shut it off are viewing the Ego from such an Ego perspective.
  8. I actually think it is a really good idea to adress certain arguments the haters bring up. I also get the idea of not interfering but the way they present information might confuse people. And the thing is, there were so many people in the spiritual community or in every community in general who did fuck up, abuse power and whatever. So examination is an important thing (Although it should be done in an objective and fair way of course). I would suggest that whenever they come up with a logical sounding "argument" you can show your perspective in a logical way, just like you did here. This way the haters as well as the doubters and also the "normal" readers gain perspective. Naturally it's not a requirement as it's your decision, but I do think almost everyone would benefit from it. Yeah there are people who think it's best to ignore the counter arguments, but they're basically preaching blind trust and when I look at your teachings, that's not what you want either.
  9. Great post, I was just thinking about the effect of fantasy books in the world two days ago. Harry Potter is so much more than a way of escapism though. I mean, you said it yourself and I want to add that you can really see human divinity in works like HP, so full of soul and channeled brilliance. Can't even describe it to someone who hasn't read it. But if it wasn't for HP I wouldn't be awake and I wouldn't even be reading this blog. And I don't simply mean the spirituality and magic in HP itself, but it's the realness and mirroring of Source that's embedded in the story and characters that can get people in touch with themselves again. I feel like artists channel exactly what is needed for people to awaken, and what is relevant atm. HP for sure is better for a disconnected psyche than traditional therapy. I'm glad that children grow up with such works, and it does show. (It's not young people that vote for Trump...) My little cousin gets confirmation, strength and stability only from art like movies and books, because her parents fail to do their job. Tbh I probably never could've developed self worth without HP or Naruto, as my environment wasn't that great or intelligent. I think the most important thing for people to realize is how life could be.
  10. I'm honestly so glad you wrote this. I saw so many opinions on this topic today most were either crazy, egoistic, or limited as hell. The Brexit made me incredibly sad (and I'm not even British) and the fear and hate based insanity that's going on in politics these days is extremely stressful to see. So I was like "I need some sanity. I really wish Teal wrote a blog on this topic because she's one of the very rare people that thinks objectively, and that feels for everyone equally and that knows the bigger picture." But then I was like nah she just wrote a blog like a day ago, there's no way she posted a new one already, and she said she isn't interested in politics and so on. But I had the strong urge to check and yup "The Great British Brexit", THANK YOU. And finally someone who understands what it means for the immigrants. Finally someone who looks at the emotion that caused the exit in the first place. ("Fear, me vs them"). It's so good to see some rationality and sanity. My god people don't learn from history. They think they can solve issues by turning away from problems, by letting others solve them. They think that hate and rejection will keep them save but what about the other side? What feelings will this cause? Refugees and immigrants won't disappear. Until we find a CONSTRUCTIVE solution the situation won't improve. We all live on the same planet and if you run away from those in help, you will sooner or later notice that what goes around comes around. This is how you create victims, and victims so often turn to radical methods. How often does history have to repeat itself, until we get that the creative and constructive force is fucking love and openness and not fear and rejection? Also the wide majority of 18-45 year olds voted stay. Nevertheless, they are the ones who are gonna see the long time consequences of the decision they didn't make. I noticed how artists again have a much more logical, objective and understanding perspective on the topic. It's like J.K.Rowling said, "This is what happens when you try and fix a faulty watch with a hammer". Why do we suddenly have two Donald Trumps who look and act absolutely identical? Is that the manifestation of the world's fear? Well hopefully they won't manifest exactly the outcome that they were so hatefully dwelling on. Anyway, I'll hope for the best, I don't have any fs left to give anyway.
  11. Extremely relatable. I was just listening to the song "Dream" by Imagine Dragons and this synchs perfectly. "In the darkAnd I'm right on the middle markI'm just in the tier of everything that rides below the surface We all are living in a dreamBut life ain't what it seemsOh everything's a messAnd all these sorrows I have seenThey lead me to believeThat everything's a mess" To be completely honest with you, I didn't follow you on Instagramm because I thought you showed off and that it wasn't of any use besides making others feel bad. Now I see that you look beyond that and that there's more depth than I expected, which makes me quite glad. When sorrow is all that's certain, you're even to low to only think a high vibrational thought, or to think about thinking a high vibrational thought. So the only thing I am able to do is to take a look at the vibration that I am in this moment. Take the sorrow, go against my resisting instincts, pull it right into my heart chakra and see what happens. I either die or I see the sorrow for what is is, the shadow of love.
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