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    Right now everything. Lack of faith, laziness, procrastination, self sabotage, self criticism, hopelessness, victim mentality, all chakras unbalanced, complete disconnect from self (zero interest in self discovery, self improvement) and the universe out there. almost total apathy. vast , gaping emptiness of void inside. Like a black hole that sucks all light in. Nothing stays. Its like i reverted back pre-awakening. I say things, I know them to be true in my mind, but I feel empty inside as I say them. Like im just repeating things. I dont really believe them anymore. I miss the openness and pure belief I had when I first woke up.
  2. miangelisa


    I would keep my kids and change everything else, including myself.
  3. miangelisa


    Pretending I'm not bothered. Pretending I'm fine being alone, being dismissed, unseen, unheard. Pretending pain doesn't bother me as much as it does. Keeping things to myself. Keeping people at a distance by not showing all of myself to them. Showing myself in increments and compartmentalized versions. Keeping myself small and not going for things or doing things I want to do bc that means being vulnerable.

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