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    why childbirth is painful? why so many women find childbirth so painful? why does it have to be like this for the most of us? I know there are some massages, medications, meditations and etc. but still at the end of the day- it hurts.
  2. skirma

    any teeth, gum problems are from your digestion. you saliva acididy, toxicity, undigested food, your eating habbits in the afternoon and so on. try some probiotics, enzymes, anything which makes you digestion and gut intestinal flora better. and yes- teeth bleaching makes your teeth weaker and more sensitive. it dries out your enamel. any honest dentist should say that to you.
  3. skirma

    yes it is ok to substitude apple juice with malic acid. I found it more effective than apples. I am using andreas moritz method. and do not skip any of the enemas, or coleamas or hydrocolontherapy! I have done many liver flushes through my life.
  4. Zemal Ali, I had polycistic ovaries. I was struggling all life with it. Now I am 41 and pregnant. Was asking many teachers and read lots of spiritual things about it. And there few things which helped me: 1. Do not worry about getting your menstruations every month- that is ok. We are not robots and we do not have to have them very exactly. 2. Do lots of shadowork about your father, remember how he treated you? Do you feel less valuable, do you feel aggression towards you? how men are treating you- do you feel equal in your school, society and so on? it there is men dominance in your environment- your hormones will go bunkers. Do not blame yourself. when women feel powerless, male hormones come to the help- to protect them. this is normal. I was growing up in such environment. 3. masturbation and self pleasuring is not a sin. Do it often- with the healing energy towards yourself or find a partner who does it for you. it helped me. 4. the most thing which healed me- was healthy organic vegan diet, with lots of natural fruit, juice from the juicer, gerson therapy, free from mucus meals. I have started to have normal periods from the first month. do some detox- like hydrocolontherapy, enemas, detox tea, do clean the liver in any way you can- it helped me very very much. 5. do sometimes yoni steaming- google that online, it helps before the periods. 6. express your womanhood through art, creativity, colors, dance and so on. (remember- femminity is not seducing men or boys as you said)
  5. skirma

    I am observing such pattern in Teal's life- everybody wants to be friends with her, lovers, husbands, etc. especially people who project and are crazy fans who worship her. Then they get to know her, and after some time, which is normal, they get into conflict or disagreement and then they write "open letters" how bad she is and join haters groups. why? In the first place they where not her friends, it takes time to become real friends. Fans or worshippers or idolisers are usually full of fantasies about their object. A good idea to keep distance from such poeple or be just professional. Anyways, there are people who where changed by your teachings, Teal. I experienced so much good from the techniques you are offering, so much healing. Thank you for your job you are doing in thus world. Keep on as much as you can. Good luck with everything you do- Skirmante