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  1. Kylie Pinker


    I want to know my life purpose and be doing that, because I’m doing too many things that don’t feel right and I just feel lost
  2. Kylie Pinker


    I have risked my life for the birth of each child I have.
  3. Kylie Pinker


    Safe space, warmth, acceptance, nourishment
  4. Kylie Pinker


    I assume that I don’t know enough (knowledge) to be good enough at anything therefore I am always in a state of feeling like a student.
  5. Kylie Pinker


    Mental health nursing.
  6. Kylie Pinker


    I would purchase a massive piece of land (near water and mountains), I would have an animal sanctuary, big character cottage that fits all of my family and those in need of sanctuary to come to. A greenhouse, big vege garden, a tea/coffee book shop that sells everything to do with healing. A Bar/studio for my husband to sing in that can be used for dance and entertainment. A big outdoor/indoor area for children to play/paint/explore. I basically want to own a self sufficient village. And I would love to have the means to travel everywhere.
  7. Kylie Pinker


    How to forgive myself for past actions that hurt those I am closest to
  8. Kylie Pinker


    Releasing trapped trauma (generational/past life), transformation and transmutation with energy healing/codes
  9. Kylie Pinker


    Doing too much for other people makes me lose connection to myself..time alone in or near Nature brings me back to myself.
  10. Kylie Pinker


    Someone who is a safe space for healing, truth and hope to occur.

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