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  1. With the roses i chose white 10 with 1 red in middle I can understand that as wanting love but wanting to get more and not give it same at all i understand that as protector in me ( doing parts work) is that on right path of thinking?
  2. Cheryl lamb


    What makes me loose my connection to myself... being in a very close relationship I allow myself to get swallowed up even sometimes when I think I’m there and I’ve got it this time I get myself back in between I rebuild sort of understand where my choices took me repeated a lot changed a lot still learning
  3. Cheryl lamb


    My son I have risked my life for and always would because giving birth was instant love protection my pets because I trust them love their natures and instincts my family and friends I love sometimes I don’t like their actions but if they were being hurt I don’t like the ones I love or anyone even if I don’t know them or anything being hurt I have stepped in the middle to stop hurt verbally or physically I’ll always fight for the underdog by fight I mean verbally I don’t like any forms of physical violence Ill take a punch but i won’t just punch back or initiate if rather just get the person or animal out of harms way
  4. Cheryl lamb


    Time I give a lot of listening time help I give a lot of help especially to those I’ve been or could one day be care I care a whole lot for what I feel from others understand their energies can feel their pains money give it away
  5. Cheryl lamb


    My hidden agenda to belong heal be whole let go why is it hidden feel like I’m not suppose to be and if I let go I’ll never stop crying there’s to much to heal in me and from those around me
  6. Cheryl lamb


    I’d have my own islands better yet a whole planet have a lot of areas where all animals could be rescued and have free medical care be totally understood and happy id be surrounded by people who would find joy in helping each other and the animals be able to cultivate a life where having the basics shelter food water energy from nature for warmth in winter and coolness in summer everyone would thrive in their joy if it be painting building planting baking understanding a lot of the ings words communicating a few boats to explore the oceans or just laze in the sun on water
  7. Cheryl lamb


    What I don’t know is did I ever get a chance to actually be a true me what is in the inside is it mine or was it what came through umbilical cord did me my essence actually have a chance
  8. Cheryl lamb


    Get hurt armour is Then shut down rebel against all do anything do everything sexual give away body if tears come don’t feel help others give advice pick the worst n try to fix focus on others caretake everyone be a body only give it away run fill life up shut the voice in head off more now stay away from relationships stay single stop all sexual promiscuity draw paint write study learn something new trust only a dog talk bout it easy show survival help them open up keep them away divert attention don’t trust run Work get heaps work exist work on me get aha moments see others at their age explain the whys where they were coming from to myself it’s still in me exercise get healthy still everything keep from flooding

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