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  1. OMG.. Winter was so cute & sweet sounding, it was a trigger for me, time for some completion process..
  2. Hey you're not the only one in India. I'm here too. I'm looking to connect with people in the community. You can contact me on anjali6543mujumdar@gmail.com
  3. I totally get your confusion. I think she meant that she never taught premature or forced forgiveness, forgiving your abuser before letting yourself feel the anger, rage, resentment and be with the feeling, until you naturally start feeling better is the way to go. She herself said that she Burnt her abuser alive in her mind so many times before she was able to forgive him. you can only truly achieve forgiveness when you allow yourself to feel victimhood and anger as long as it feels right> Step into the perspective of the abuser to see why he/she did it, (always it is done with the intent
  4. DrAnjali


    That I'm not getting any better unless I heal my past traumas
  5. DrAnjali


    My six year old self would not want to be me. She would probably judge me for being such a loser and so disrespectful of my parents. I had such a narrow view of the world when I was younger. What she would want me to change is how I relate to people
  6. DrAnjali


    Fear of intimacy, vulnerability
  7. DrAnjali


    My parents, because I still depend on them financially, emotionally
  8. DrAnjali


    The point of view that you should live life according to your emotions. It's so scary to abandon logic in favour of intution
  9. DrAnjali


    My curiosity, my facial structure, my hair, my relative openess to learn, my ability to get to the root of an issue
  10. DrAnjali


    The only way to rise up is to go inside
  11. DrAnjali


    Myself, I guess. My emotions change, thoughts change,body changes but I, who experience all these don't change. I don't exactly know, I think it's my conciousness?
  12. DrAnjali


    By being closed off and avoiding relationships
  13. DrAnjali


    To face my shadows and emotions head on
  14. DrAnjali


    A person who loves herself
  15. DrAnjali


    The fact that despite doing nothing and having nothing at 27 years old, my parents still give me money, And of course the fact that I have been introduced to this wonderful website and am discovering so much about myself

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