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  1. DrAnjali


    Defining, upholding, communicating & maintaining boundaries.
  2. DrAnjali


    Codependent patterns. Not defining/communicating/maintaining boundaries.
  3. DrAnjali


    Same here. I need to express that to my father but he is a very detatched avoidant person who is constantly in Denial and gets really defensive and snappy even at the slightest display of emotions. And I don't want to let my guard down and express myself to my parents. I have tried to do that in past, when I let my guard down, open up and got punched in the gut
  4. DrAnjali


    Running away from making a decision regarding commitment in anything at all, Rushing for taking cover towards a feeling of comfort & safety. Recently Practicing grounding exercises in Wendy de Rosa's audiobook have helped me feel much more safe, reduced anxiety and helped focus on everyday tasks. Also Teal's video on indecisiveness- the exercise mentioned in the 1st half is what I will do today
  5. DrAnjali


    Wallow in goddamn self pity all day long
  6. DrAnjali


    Completing my degree, becoming financially independent and getting the fuck away from my abusive family
  7. DrAnjali


    My depression
  8. My Father has been Really Codependent and trying to be good and saintly all the time denying himself basic needs, not communicating what he wants and building a resentment towards us. It is really frustrating and irritating. As suggested by Teal in one of her workshop recordings, Codependent people are obsessed with seeing themselves as GOOD. so I spoke to him about how his codependency is causing us all so much frustration and that he was being a BAD person by not communicating his needs. That made a significant change in him in a matter of a few days, though its a work in progress
  9. DrAnjali

    Online Workshop - Jan 2021

    Hi Raffi, I guess Teal mentioned in one of her blogs that she recieves a lot of info as downloads regarding the people attending her workshops, she tends to get really ill before them, and has to expend a lot of energy ensuring she gives something to everyone attending the workshops. So I think its not possible for her health to have a workshop every month
  10. DrAnjali

    The Alignment Grid

    Yo man, I am really scared now. When Teal says something is powerful, it sure as hell is. After doing the future self work twice I had such profound changes within me(for the good), but I'm wary of doing powerful practices for sometime now, Until I've completed education & in a more empowered state to make the required changes according the the changed frequency
  11. DrAnjali


    Play a little more & be less inhibited.
  12. DrAnjali


    Brave & powerful( secure), Honest, authentic & compassionate.
  13. DrAnjali


    Empathy & understanding
  14. DrAnjali


    A person who has learnt a lot but achieved nothing
  15. DrAnjali


    Quit my Job, take many more courses & become a psycholgist.

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