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  1. Anjali


    OMG! If I was in Teal's place for 5 minutes, seeing what she sees, knowing what she knows, I would be admitted straight to the psychiatric ward, & those memories would haunt me for the rest of my life.. Don't know how she does that. She is incredibly brave
  2. Anjali


    The gift of helping people heal trauma while healing my own trauma.
  3. Anjali


    My physical & emotional health & my career
  4. Anjali


    Just what I needed to hear
  5. I feel inspired to do the same. Thanks Ecco
  6. Anjali

    First Snow

    It's so beautiful how you see the most mundane things in an exquisite way, & write it in a way that makes us see them too. I'm spellbound by your writing.
  7. I fail daily at it: to find what gives me joy/ energy, but I Have no other option, except to keep trying. My clawing on to safety keeps me inhibited
  8. Anjali


    1. Curiosity- learning & trying stuff about the betterment of health, like, constantly. I think I may have an information addiction as said by teal in one of her videos. 2. Cooking 3. Analyzing/Judging/Diagnosing people- I sometimes wish I could communicate keeping my brain aside. 4. Sleeping: Man, I could sleep through anything 5. Writing
  9. Anjali

    Useless Talent

    Mine is being able to tolerate a high intensity of beating when it is expected. I have a high tolerance to physical pain in general. (Though I get startled really easily). My mom used to tell me how the doctors always praised me for how quiet I was when receiving injections or bitter medicine. Again this skill is totally useless unless I am being interrogated by the police
  10. Anjali


    I always envy and am attracted to secure, powerful, passionate and authentic people capable of maintaining boundaries while being themselves. Maybe Its a disowned part of me. To do this, Firstly I have to feel safe & secure- and that can be achieved by defining and maintaining my boundaries & expressing myself.
  11. Anjali


    How to end the lifelong pattern of self abandonment & self distrust
  12. Anjali


    asking myself "what would someone who loved themselves do?"
  13. Anjali


    Defining, upholding, communicating & maintaining boundaries.

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