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  1. Anjali


    That I have talents and I am not taking steps to hone them, and If I don't take steps fast It will be disastrous.
  2. Anjali

    School Memory

    Wow I didn't realise how low my standards for teachers were in school in India. I wouldn't have been offended by that in school. In fact going to toilet outside of recess was almost always denied. Some children would crap & pee themselves in class & they were shamed for that. Talking between classes when there were no teachers in class wasn't allowed and someone would always come and randomly punish the whole class for talking too much and making noise when no teacher was present. Teachers in primary school used to hit us with wooden rulers and canes and even the wooden part of dusters. My Parents always insisted that my teachers be strict with me so that I learn discipline. And that was all normal. I didn't realise that until I saw this.
  3. Anjali

    New York 2021

    Literally all the questions I was wondering about the last few months. Thank you so much Teal & Team
  4. Anjali

    Miami 2021 - 1/2

    Wow.. such a needed concept to just go for what you want & there will be consequences. Go after your desires and there will be more desires. Knowing that makes me feel more empowered.
  5. Anjali

    Play... In Reverse

    Wow. This did really resonate with me. I've been trying to avoid work by focusing on self improvement activities which, ironically are supposed to help me work better. Thanks Teal
  6. Anjali


    OMG! If I was in Teal's place for 5 minutes, seeing what she sees, knowing what she knows, I would be admitted straight to the psychiatric ward, & those memories would haunt me for the rest of my life.. Don't know how she does that. She is incredibly brave
  7. Anjali


    The gift of helping people heal trauma while healing my own trauma.
  8. Anjali


    My physical & emotional health & my career
  9. Anjali


    Just what I needed to hear
  10. I feel inspired to do the same. Thanks Ecco
  11. Anjali

    First Snow

    It's so beautiful how you see the most mundane things in an exquisite way, & write it in a way that makes us see them too. I'm spellbound by your writing.
  12. I fail daily at it: to find what gives me joy/ energy, but I Have no other option, except to keep trying. My clawing on to safety keeps me inhibited
  13. Anjali


    1. Curiosity- learning & trying stuff about the betterment of health, like, constantly. I think I may have an information addiction as said by teal in one of her videos. 2. Cooking 3. Analyzing/Judging/Diagnosing people- I sometimes wish I could communicate keeping my brain aside. 4. Sleeping: Man, I could sleep through anything 5. Writing

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