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  1. Hello there Teal, I have been thinking about energies and cities for a while know and especially living in Berlin for 2 1/2 it got me more complex. I feel these two energies you are describing here. The not healing wound of the past wars and the rebelling pulsating headway. I remember being excited about this city that on the surface is to different than any other city I know in Germany and than my about 3 months of recovery of my 1 1/2 years journey in North America. Now I understand why that happened in the beginning of my time in Berlin. I feel that mirror of the pain that happened here and how much I have been working on my personal experiences with pain here. This seems like a catalyst for me just bringing up everything I have been working on for last years and showing me what is not healed yet. This part is why I am great full of still being here. But I also want to heal and root in my healing . I am getting back into living a half nomadic life, probably moving to the countryside, but still party working in Berlin. What you mentioned about Germany in general is what I have felt a lot, being born and growing up in Munich and Brno. There is so much just pushed away an not healed here and I also see that in my family. That makes me feel scared of having to leave Germany again to get the healing that I need. Not sure what to think about that yet? I am half Czech also and that's where your feeling about Prague gets into my attention too. Gotta have to get more into what I feel about this city and this country. There is a lot of my heart there, that I already know. Thank you Teal for what you were writing here, I can name a little more of what I feel living in Berlin now. I missed you coming to this city I would have wanted to listen to what you have said about Hitler. Maybe I get the chance another time another place, like for example Prague! Namaste, Sandra
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