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  1. BEXIT


    Omg. Im just in the middle of practitioner sessions with my dad and it makes me going totally crazy!!! This really comes at the right time.
  2. Is it just me or is there maybe a trick..? With some recordings I cant understand a word. Especially by the people that come on stage but also by Teal. It's a lot better with the newest recordings but this one and this whole course is hard for me Tried it with earplugs as well..
  3. BEXIT

    New York Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Yes. They both want a certain thing and thats it. No third option
  4. Also I feel that Teal is not taking bis best interest into consideration. Why is it even his responsibility that the dishes are washed. It feels like she won't let go until he does that... and it was a little bit the same with him going working on his projects. He has to figure everything out on his own it seems to me
  5. Omg, the first guy is so cute. And avoidant is exactly what I go for and shouldn't do anymore
  6. Actually I also still dont really get the parts work come out of that lady. I mean, the part actually said to her, "dont embarrass me by smiling until were on that Island" and she said yes to it. I mean, that would mean she is not allowed to smile until she reaches that island. It can't be true that she actually wants that? What if she never reaches it ? Why shouldn't she smile on the journey to the island? I think she was overwhelmed when she accepted that and made herself small compared to that part. I mean it's great when you find alignment with your parts .. but if you'd ask her again :" do you really want yo stop smiling until you've reached that island? " guess the answer would be no.
  7. BEXIT

    New York Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    I really dont understand what to do with a part that really doesn't want to do something when all the other parts want to..

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