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    Just a sweet

    And innocent face,

    Withholding a monster

    Locked in that cage.


    Victor Frankenstein

    Should have had more empathy,

    Because he created a being

    Shut out by humanity.


    He could have seen 

    In the deepest reflection,

    That this was a human

    In need of connection.



    Can be a strange thing,

    Pretend to be happy

    But deep down you are fading.


    People see you as weird

    Not like the rest,

    You dont care what they think

    You repeat until it sets.


    The pain resides beneath

    You can no longer feel this,

    No deception to the eye

    Fallen deep into the abyss.


    A place so dark

    Requiring full presence,

    The only way to depart

    Is by being in acceptance.


    The unknown

    Will always be impenetrable,

    Dont be scared of a home

    Thats quite so comfortable.


    They say that light defeats the darkness

    This is not actually true,

    Because its the struggle in your darkness

    Which illuminates the light in you.


    A mind of logic

    A heart yearning to help,

    A system so tragic

    No glimpses of self.


    A small pill to swallow

    It will ease that pain,

    An action quite shallow

    Because it will still remain.


    Cut the stem from a flower

    But it will still grow,

    An enemy in power

    The root will not go.


    Conformed to cheap tactics

    To trick the nation,

    More expensive would be

    A medical investigation.


    While your toxic sedentary lifestyle

    Causes deterioration,

    To an interconnectedness of body

    Lacking stimulation.


    You cry out in pain

    With no belief in your vehicle,

    Your problems always internal

    Yet you call out for a miracle.


    Believe in lies 

    And this you can expect,

    An unhappy life

    With an outcome of death.


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