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  1. Damian

    You seek external happiness, you want validation of your pain and suffering, you are in a pickle for sure. I think you are waiting for others to fix thing,s unwilling to do it yourself, your friends (so called) leave you because you put too much pressure and expectations on them, all you seem to do from my experience talking to you here is complain about things, and when advice is given refuse it as not suitable for your current circumstance. Seems you just want enabling, to wallow, to escape to others who allow your self pity? I know this will sound harsh, I told you as your friend I won't sugar coat things, I will help you...this is my gift to you. Please see it for its intention, it is given with care and love! I am your friend, I won't enable you. I have a phrase I learnt from my own suffering and release... I wish you the worst - from the worst the best comes. I let you go, I hope you can appreciate the act of friendship in this. With Love - your friend.
  2. Damian

    YOU ARE THE CHANGE! It happens within, or it won't happen at all for you! Maybe your judgement of them...for being in a low level of development spiritually, or being so scared in life that they cling to the heals of those with the shiniest things, not able to see their own worth is insensitive...can you see this is the thing that you dislike in others? The lack of understanding, the judgment, the unkindness? You mirror them, they mirror you...rise above and shine bright, they will begin to mirror it back. Who offers the olive branch first? Treat the world as you invision it to be, and it will become that. Love cuts through all, keep smiling, keep being sensitive, keep being positive, keep being kind...the world cant resist it!
  3. Damian

    For what it is worth... You say you find happiness pretty much anywhere...contingent to what? Try finding out why it doesn't remain, I feel you expect something from life...maybe you are what life is expecting? You are too blessed to be stressed! Get some perspective my friend...maybe you need a cleansing some way? Affirmations are changing your vibration, do not underestimate them. Thought is reality, be the master or the slave. Go get away from the internet, get away from the public, go into the forest for an extend solo camp out, be with nature, learn its patterns, light some fires, watch your thoughting process, get angry, see who is angry, get bored shitless, find who is bored shitless and stay there until you are enamoured with ALL that is...including all sides of yourself. If what you have been doing isn't working, take a leap of faith and follow the surest way to overcoming the problems...segregate yourself and dive into them! Creating space like this will make a lasting difference...you won't do it, find out why you won't do it. If you were really earnest to overcome the problems there would not be any choice involved, you would consider what sounds rational, and explore it to overcome. You have been bitten by a deadly snake, you have no known antidote, I offer you one, you do not understand, you have this option...your necessity creates the leap of faith and you take the leap into the unknown as there seems sure death if you don't. Sooner or later you will reach the critical mass where you will break through brother, pain is temporary. Follow your heart. Hart listens, head talks, heart heals, head hurts. With Love - your friend
  4. Damian

    To Be, is to let Be all to Be, not just me You see we are the world, and the world is we In Lak'ech Ala K’in I am you, and you are me leave behind words leave emotional feelings stay with the Heart and Truth is the beating AUM AUM AUM ONE ONE ONE I I I AM AM AM LOVE LOVE LOVE O O O LOVE LOVE LOVE AM AM AM I I I ONE ONE ONE AUM AUM AUM the beat goes on, infinite repeating the O is the no thing, within without everything just a symbol as spoken O just an object when connection is broken the paradox to halt the brain the mind at rest, ends mental pain but only as the moment is, escape from it and lose what is to Be or not to Be, isn’t the question you Be here now, present or absent Be you be, conscious or not there is just this moment, live it or rot
  5. Loved the Topic description!! Create intuitively as the hand of God and bask in the Heaven the Earth is! ❤
  6. May I suggest if you desire the opposite you reinforce the polarity, hence giving it reality. You become contingently happy, positive, at peace etc. If you just watch the movement of thought and feelings, sit with them, observe them...disassociation occurs. The polarity is risen above, there lies unconditional peace. Relationship is the mirror. Our responses highlight the work needed within. I am you as you are me and all. With Love to you too
  7. Damian

    When is the best time to plant a fruit tree? 20 years before. When is the next best time? NOW! This is it Absolute! Life is NOW. Don't swim against the breaking waves, take the rip out with ease and Ride the them! Get on board (had to make that pun ). Consider why you do not take your opportunities. See negative because you are negative, see positive because you are positive. Between these polarities is peace. I hope the time spent replying helps you.
  8. Damian

    Thought is creating reality, stay positive brother! Are you aware of the law of attraction? It's not to become ignorant, just to let them slip away without identifying with them. To not read into things that are negative, based in fear and align and validate them, by doing so you create reality for them. This also applied for the opposite which is things that validate your ego...know your true worth! Take time and create space around the feelings you have, be patient, watch the transmutation of the feeling, you are getting what you need! Maybe like me you are living among the walking dead? Get used to it, this is the way it feels when you wake up, we are pretty much alone within the old paradigm, the old is the lost, conditioned state, awareness of reality at the absolute level means we see things differently, others who haven't will shun us, our task to love them anyway, to learn to speak their 'special' language in order for them to feel the love we are. Don't buy into their projections...they are scared obviously. Trust it is a perfect lesson for where you are in order to understand contrasts and transcend. I appreciate talk is cheap, that the comments made do not take away your feelings of lack. I suggest this is because these lessons must be directly experienced by you...not explained by others, this would be like treating a symptom but ignoring the cause...it's an inside job...you are the doctor! The community is here and now! This chat we are having is it! Do you have a different view of what community is? I am here in sincerity as your friend. I will not sugar coat things, I care deeply as you are me as I am you, I won't cheat us of the truth, we deserve better than shallow self centred relationships....after all, we are friends, not mere acquaintances So let us put out what we feel intuitively! Be honest. I am here, community starts here now with common interests, care and sincerity are those interests, lets see how it goes!
  9. Damian

    There will be a person this is meant to find...otherwise I wouldn't be sharing this! It is a book that my intuition brought me to. While it suited me perfectly for the place/space I was in, it may not be for you? Feel if it resonates with you, if so I would very highly recommend! The book...
  10. Damian

    Don't you feel that all here are your friends? I have not been on for a while, maybe there is something I missed? Surely if anyone finds this forum there's an unsaid connection made, a willingness that may not come as you had expected...again did I miss something? What deems a friend? I feel many are feeling the same as you,can you be the friend another can't? Friendship seems to be something people pursue when they resonate with another, have common interests etc, but is that really a friendship? Is not a friend a friend regardless of what is returned? ...otherwise, are they just looking for ego validation, false security and escape? I feel there is nothing but friends. Try to see past the small self to the one self...how can you not love your hands, feet, eyes, ears etc...they're all a part of what you are...that special unique you! Because we are ready for connection, doesn't guarantee the world is. Be resolved to just Be, be authentically you...you have many friends, you're not alone! Do it for the right reasons, the Cosmos is giving you what you need. You don't need others to tell you your worth, you ARE worth it, see this for yourself...be the friend to yourself brother! With Love - your friend
  11. Damian

    I have not been online for a long time! I felt this morning to log on, and...meant to be! I will send you a message, if I help anyway I am grateful for being useful.
  12. Damian

  13. Damian

    Take me I said and forgot And so I was taken Then after awhile I got distracted from my plea and complained about being taken You fool, distracted fool Caught judging caught reacting again! At least you understand the process, God knows you’ve gone through it enough You know the only real peace will come when it comes, so smile laugh, cry, yell and scream…knock yourself out! Just don’t try and change You are changing, and it is beautiful, you are beautiful all is beautiful This is the experience! It can only be as is You’re serving a divine purpose…as is the thing you react to. Gratitude.