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  1. Ruby Rising

    You Suck At Cooking

    I woke up this morning feeling...distant. Alot has happened in the past week that has been very emotionally, mentally and physically taxing, so when I saw this daily update I thought, 'why not'? I laughed so hard that I cried! I couldn't breathe! I watched the 'Christmas Sugar Cookies' episode. The channel is gold. I've just subscribed. Teal. THANK.YOU. I needed that.
  2. For me this means that the more you become aware of the idea of oneness and that everything in essence is you, the more you are encouraged to question the idea of owning another being, in other words to own something or even someone is to imply that it is your 'property'. 'Ownership' is possessive and implies that a person, place or thing is yours as opposed to it being a part of you, as a result it becomes difficult to integrate that part of 'source' as you can't recognise it as a part of you. Teal mentions in one of her YouTube videos that once you become more awakened you realise that even your child/children are not 'yours' in the sense that we tend to look at our children as our property. Instead, they are their own beings who are simultaneously a part of the same 'source' energy and we (the parents) are their assigned guardians and guides assisting them with their own experience. You can look at pets the same way. She says, "The dogs of our family are members of our household..." The fact that Teal refers to them as members feels way more inclusive, like she takes them and sees them as a part of herself rather than separate. That's what I make of it.
  3. Ruby Rising


    Fun question. My spirit animal (fox), as I'd like to see and understand the world through his eyes. My principal spirit guide, I'd like to see things through her eyes, including how she perceives and understands me and this world. A being from another galaxy, again, to gain perspective and understanding.
  4. Ruby Rising


    I completely empathize with you. I have been trying to understand this myself for some time as I have the same experience and was even reflecting on the question earlier today. Reading your answer just reminds me of the conclusion I arrived can't truly heal in the same space that inflicts wounds, you can't truly feel safe in the same space that makes you feel unsafe. I see now why the universe allowed me to see your answer today. X
  5. Ruby Rising


    Watching and feeling myself grow steadily and having the courage to want to grow and expand even when it's REALLY scary.
  6. Ruby Rising


    Are you happy?
  7. Ruby Rising


    I really want to solve the riddle of why I am here, what my purpose is essentially. The word that comes to mind when I think of my negative life imprint is 'unsafe'. And so I feel like I need to feel 'safe' on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Im still walking the path of trying to discover what 'form' that will look like in my life. Perhaps that's my problem...I'm expecting it to look like something obvious and specific, like a job or something, as opposed to something more subtle. I know I'm on the right path though otherwise I wouldn't even have been a vibrational match to this question.
  8. Ruby Rising


    Dancing, designing and making clothes, seeing something from multiple perspectives, giving advice, showing empathy, leading, creating and taking care of people, places and things.
  9. Ruby Rising


    Admitting to myself that I was in pain and hurting mentally, emotionally and physically as a result of a traumatic upbringing. Admitting to myself that I am the creator of my own reality and therfore I am accountable for my past, present and future. Admitting to myself that I needed to surrender to healing, and abandoning the things that did not serve me so that I could make space for the things that do serve me. Admitting that loving myself wasn't this corny pretentious act that I thought it was.

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