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    Maybe practicing being with myself and learning to understand myself.
  2. thaohinnn


    I feel a little better now that I got to express these thoughts but I will try my best to understand myself better and dive into these feelings.
  3. thaohinnn


    I guess complaining. A little background story: I got into this prestigious highschool a few years ago and just graduated, it's one of the best school in my country, so my experience with my classmates and working with each other were amazing. And now, I'm currently a freshman at a great university too. The problem is, right before my first day at college, I had this huge fight with my mom, which was horrible, she wanted to kick me out, hence my bad mood. After a few weeks of college, things got worse because of my negative feelings, now I feel extremely lonely, my anxiety is getting worse, I can't meet my old friends, and I'm not close enough to my college friends to talk to them about my abusive househole or my mental problems. And I kept complaining although I know that it won't fix things and that it will just make things worse. But I feel like everything in my life is going wrong and I feel totally powerless... I know that things will be better but right now I just want to put these kinds of thoughts to one side and cry myself to sleep.
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    The first thing that popped up in my mind was singing. I really really love singing, I feel happy, refreshed, new and open to the world with no fears and hindrance whenever I sing. I want to become a singer; and although I'm unsure about how to make it my career since I have doubts and negative beliefs, still, when I got this question it was the only thing that came up. Thank you for this, this really helped me regarding my concerns about dreams and hopes in the future. Even though I still don't know what to do specifically, this gave me a better and broader perspective on my hopes and dreams. Thank you very much.

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